What to do If brother printer is not scanning from mac computer?

This is the guide to fix brother printer is unable to scan from mac pc.

The brother scanner is known for scanning more than 1 lakh papers in its life. It will not stop scanning before that. however, Sometimes, new machine will stop scanning due to the technical problems on the account.

If you are also someone, who are currently unable to scan the documents and getting some kind of errors. do not worry, here are the guide to fix such problems. you may apply it on your devices.

What to do when brother scanner is not working?

Whenever your brother scanner is unable to scan the documents, you should begin with power cycling the device. so, you should power cycle the printer, mac pc and other devices. and then retry to scan the documents again. If that doesn’t work for you. you should make these changes.

1.  Please check the connection between mac pc and computer. make sure they both are connected with each other. If you are using the USB scanner, disconnect it from the computer and reconnect it. however, if it is a wireless scanner. You need to check the network settings on the mac and scanner both devices. they should have joined the same network.

2.  Let’s make sure that the firewall is not blocking the brother scanner device on the computer. to check them you can disable the firewall on the device for a while and then reenable it. now retry to access the network again. let’s see what does your device shows to you now.

3.  If brother printer doesn’t scan from mac now. you should remove the scanner from the print & scan settings. now re-add it and give a new scan command. If that doesn’t work. You should uninstall the scanner driver too, and install a new scanner. It will start working fine then.

So these are the steps to fix brother printer issues. In case, if that doesn’t work. You need to visit:

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