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  • Ecosystem: Autonomous and Freedom

    Matters is building a decentralized content publication ecosystem on top of IPFS, allowing creators to be truly independent from any platform. We also partner with LikeCoin fundation, to reward creativity in the form of cryptocurrency LikeCoin.

  • Community: Openness and Participation

    Matters is a writing community based on decentralized technologies, with open-sourced codebase and self-governance of creators. Creators can write, publish, read and discuss, as well as participate in designing how we create, live and decide together. This rules will be further applied to other aspects of the decentralized ecosystem.

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  • \\\ New Feature ///

    Circle: Connection and Communication

    Circle starts from Matters community, helps creators to build and maintain a intimate backer community, closes the loop of creation, communication and revenue by subscription model.

  • Number of Creators

    60K +
  • Monthly New Articles

    9K +
  • Heighest Rewarded Article

    US$ 2K
  • Prototype went live

  • Content storage with IPFS

  • Beta version website went live

  • Public registration

  • Integration of LikeCoin

  • Website 2.0 went live

  • Matters Pay went live

  • Matters Circle went live

Our Team

  • Founder, CEO

    Jieping Zhang

  • Co-founder, CTO

    Guo Liu

  • Co-founder, Operation

    Beryl Liu


  • Product Manager


  • UI/UX Designer

    Yihan Huang

Content Operation

  • Community Head


  • Community Facilitator

    Yingshin Lee

  • Event Facilitator



  • Senior Product Engineer

    Zeck Li

  • Product Engineer

    Robert Lu

  • Developer



  • Data Scientist


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