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Fighting monsters and earn your BNB-how to play BNB heroes?

A BSC chain is online, Pancake has increased by more than 2000%. The major communities snapped up the chips in the bureau. In fact, the early cost is a 1BNB to buy white lists on the coins to change 37,500 BNBH. The cost is about 0.015 US dollars. It has now around 3 US dollars. The yield profit is a crazy. The reason is that profit you earn in this game is BNB. How to play BNB heroes?

BNB Heroes is referred to as BNBH, is a medieval NFT collection game, with a simple game mechanism, no need to play experience, allow players to get BNB rewards in the game battle. NFT characters in purchasing and trading games, fight with enemies and BOSS to earn BNB, or participate in BNB Arena Run game mode to earn a weekly prize pool. (You can also operate on your phone)

The game story background:

Many years ago, an unknown power invaded our land from the south. They are called red skulls from the evil commander who has never seen before. BNB scouts have only seen him. BNB king's responsibilities for you to rebuild and stabilize the southeastern base recently being raised and destroyed by the dead army. The red scorpion is progressing, and the region of the East is now rebuilt and managed by you through the recruitment hero.

The BNB kingdom is full of hero who once played with monsters, these monsters and ambients lurked in the land for tomorrow. Now, most people are united, fighting with the common threats of red. Recruit these heroes, fight with invasive troops! Each enemy is killed, paying remuneration from the BNB king!

How to play BNB heroes? In the game, you can have five heroes in each account. Players can also sell the heroes in their hands and recruit new heroes on the market. In the game, it is determined that the BNB Heroes recruits will always stop. (However, it may be changed. If you adhere to this positioning, now you will go to multi-open point.) Once the BNB Heroes cast is close, there will be 2 castings and new roles.

In the game, the building is divided into four, which are treasury, hotels, military camps and training grounds. When the building is started, all the first floor of all buildings is ruins, and they will only play when they need Level 2. If all buildings are fully upgraded, players can receive a special unique NFT.

Each task has its own basic BNB reward, and hero statistics is used to calculate the success rate and the BNB reward benefits obtained by each task. All hero's maximum health (HP) is 1000, usually each battle hero need to consume 200HP, if hero is less than 200HP, hero can't fight.

In the game, all expenditures have 70% of the BNB bonus pool, and 30% will be permanently burned, which ensures that the economy is always in a loop. Each trading behavior has 1% to enter the flow cell to ensure a stable price limit. BNBH bonus pool is used for tasks and idle jobs, and players can choose to make their hero characters to make idle work to exchange BNBH token.

How to play BNB heroes for the best reward? The player won the reward, will enter the player's city hall, and there will be 48 hours of locking period before manually receive the reward. After 48 hours, players can immediately receive rewards, but they need to pay 20% of fees. This fee will be reduced 2% a day so that the total reward will no longer charge the total reward. After receiving the completion, the process will start again.


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