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Why is Epic Games which rooted for decades in the traditional game industry so optimistic about Metaverse

There is an emerging technology company that has attracted much attention in the meta-universe track. As the only company in the global game industry, it has not only created a number of popular games, but also developed a top game engine, and created a game store with 160 million users. The existence of Epic Games is already the dominant player in the game industry, but in the past two years they have put their sights on the meta-universe and have become another type of "unicorn" in this sector.

From the product line point of view, Epic Games released a 3D first-person shooter game in 1998. Now it has grown into a series, and thanks to a completely self-developed 3D game engine, Epic Games tried to develop a 3D game engine based on this engine. Other games, including the later popular "Fortress Night". In terms of historical development, Epic Games has "three magic weapons" worthy of our attention, namely: "Fortnite", Unreal Engine and Epic Games game store.

In the next ten years, we will always be in the first stage of meta-universe development, that is, the concept of meta-universe will still focus on social, games, content and other entertainment fields. Among them, immersive content experience is one of the most important forms at this stage. First, it will bring a significant user experience improvement. Therefore, for all companies and brands, the priority at this stage is still how to improve the user experience in the immersive experience of virtual reality.

The emergence of Unreal Engine satisfies the basic conditions necessary for the meta-universe, so that the real-time rendering details can be comparable to movie CG and the real world, and through efficient tools and content libraries, ordinary people can achieve this goal. It can be said to be one of the important tools to open the door to the meta-universe world.

The management of Epic Games believes that the future meta-universe must be an open and compatible 3D content world. This is a real and always online world. It cannot be paused or restarted like a game. This poses a big challenge to the technical paradigm and further promotes the development of technology (here we may wish to recall the blockchain It’s difficult to look back once the code is executed).

In the meta-universe, information from any place can be seamlessly integrated. For example, if a user buys an item in real life, it may be used in the meta-universe. From this perspective, the meta-universe seems to reshape the whole The world has gradually become the future.

Through the above dismantling, it is not difficult to find that Epic Games’ founding team and management’s understanding of Metaverse is by no means superficial. This is why they chose to raise funds after raising 1 billion US dollars this year. More energy is placed in the meta universe, and the clues can be seen here.

Even with the current technology, it is still too early to talk about how to construct the meta-universe and the specific form of the meta-universe. But looking at the intersection of the current market and technological development, we can foresee this future. As far as the moment is concerned, the closest thing to us is still the changes that virtual reality technology brings to our real lives. How to make good use of this technology to improve the user experience of their products or services is something every company and brand needs to consider.


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