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Why does people so fascinated by how much can you make on Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is a decentralized collaboration platform based on the Ethereum network. Its vision is to support various open source projects and free developers of open source projects through the blockchain, and promote the development of the open source movement. How much you can make on Gitcoin?

In fact, there is another channel on ETH. For most users, it cannot be called a new issuance place, but it can also be regarded as the debut place of many new coins and even god coins in the Ethereum ecosystem gitcoin. In addition, some lucky players have relied on it to get "hundred times the income". A few dollars of donation can get an airdrop with a market value of thousands of dollars, so let's talk about it today.

The platform will regularly hold a round of donation activities, each round lasts about 15 days. After each round starts, various projects (the platform will be slightly selected) will successively display their own ideas and plans and other information on the platform. For community investors to choose and fund.

Each project can finally receive two parts of funding. One is donations from community investors. The amount of donations is unlimited, as small as 1DAI. The other is that each round will provide a quantitative sponsorship. For example, this round is 500,000 US dollars. This part of the funds mainly comes from successful projects in the ecology, the Ethereum Foundation, and there will also be some big players or capital in the circle to join, like three Arrow Capital is like this.

How much you can make on Metamask. If you want to donate support to the project, but also want to obtain potential "airdrop returns", you can think from several dimensions. First, the difference between community projects and financing projects. Community projects need community support, and financing projects need to be considered to a certain extent. Investor's income.

The second is whether the currency has been issued. Generally speaking, the project that has issued the currency will have a lower probability of donating airdrops to the community. The third is to classify according to the current projects. Simply put, the application layer, DAPP development, and community projects have a high probability of receiving more than 70% of the donation funds. At the same time, the strength and background of these projects is also a standard that we consider. According to our review of previous years Seeing that among the more than 20 projects supported by Gitcoin in the past years, the popular projects of DEFI and NFT have not received absolute attention, so there is no denying that the next round of donations Gitcoin may focus on the current popular track projects. .

The last principle is to pay attention to the quality of the project itself. After all, this is the most important thing. For a large amount of US dollars to invest in, for the future return on investment and the value accumulation of Gitcoin in the future, the donated project can only be done seriously. The industry is good news for Gitcoin. Therefore, the quality of the project itself is the first choice that can be used as the primary consideration.

There is no doubt that Gitcoin has become an indispensable part of the Ethereum ecosystem. How much you can make on Gitcoin depends on different situation. In the open source blockchain world, project codes can be easily copied, and outstanding ideas and ideas cannot be copied. Why other public chains can only passively follow the DeFi and NFT hot spots created by Ethereum? The core is probably because they do not have a sustainable innovation capability. This kind of continuous innovation ability does not arise out of thin air, and requires an "organic soil". Gitcoin plays the key role of selfless incubation and cultivation of "new seedlings" for the entire ecology in Ethereum.


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