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What is RMRK token is rebuilding the concept of NFT platform


What is RMRK token? As we all know, NFT is the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token, which is what we often call non-homogeneous token, which originally refers to the product that meets the ERC721 standard on Ethereum. However, in fact, in addition to ERC721, there are other NFT standards.

For example, NFT standard ERC809 can be rented. This exclusive standard allows users to rent any "leasable" NFT by creating an API, and deny other users access and use; the NFT standard ERC875, which can be transferred in batches, allows users to transfer in batches during a transaction / Transaction of multiple NFTs will be broadcast on the chain only during settlement; ERC944, a non-homogeneous token standard, is entrusted, which establishes a system that makes NFTs bundled with physical assets have laws surrounding the sale and registration of ownership Framework; disassembled non-homogeneous token standard ERC988, which can contain multiple NFTs. Of course, there is also the latest RMRK. This standard RMRK (pronounced "remark") gives NFT the attributes of artistic Lego and gives NFT unlimited scalability. Its goal is to become a leader in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. Universal NFT standards without the need for parachains or smart contracts. NFT without smart contracts has subverted everyone's cognition, and its powerful functions have made everyone stunned.

The most powerful feature of RMRK Polkadot is the customizable metadata fields. RMRK supports the creation of a collection of NFTs. After defining the metadata structure, create the NFTs that belong to the collection. The NFT inside each collection uses the same metadata structure, and different collections have different metadata. Lets continue if you want to know more about what is RMRK token.

The German mathematician Leibniz once said: "There are no two identical leaves in the world." The same is true for NFT. But we can define a set called "leaf" and construct various leaves based on the same metadata. The NFT in RMRK complies with the Opensea metadata attribute standard, but the RMRK NFT has variable fields, which can be set by the publisher of the collection. Predictably, this is done through the SET command.

This allows NFT collection issuers to fully customize their NFT metadata. NFTs in the collection will inherit the variable fields of their collection, but each NFT instance can individually override them. The function of custom fields makes RMRK an extremely flexible NFT standard, and also makes RMRK a superset of all previous NFT standards.

What is RMRK token? Fortunately, the blockchain industry has never lacked miracles. Under the support of Polkadot’s excellent technology, Polkadot’s native NFT standard, which is more advanced than ERC721 and ERC1155, may be RMRK, and it is likely to be born out of fun and complexity. They are far beyond the existing NFT applications. Now that the RMRK Polkadot hackathon is in full swing, perhaps such a miracle will be born in the competition. The RMRK Polkadot hackathon has a total of 50,000 US dollars and numerous NFT rewards. The deadline for registration is November 30.


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