Metaverse Believer.

Koi Labs is building the Metaverse ecosystem with low threshold

Facebook changed its name to Meta. The hype in the field of encryption and even the entire technology circle has pushed the popularity of the meta-universe concept to a new high. The natural advantage of the underlying technology of the blockchain in the process of creating a new virtual world is large in NFT use cases. After the scale appeared, it was further enlarged. The chain game that was once hesitated has also been reborn in the concept of "play while earning" proposed by GameFi, and has accumulated a considerable user group. Koi Labs also play an important role in the Metaverse.

Koi Metaverse is the first game launched by Koi Labs based on its GameFi platform. The game includes a token economy design of "play while earning". All assets in the game belong to the player, and players can mine through the NFT fish in the game. Mine gains revenue, and the "underwater world" can also be explored in the game to obtain more resources.

The NFT fish in Koi Metaverse contains 14 different genes. These fish are divided into different families. The eyes and tails of the fish have different characteristics. These characteristics not only determine the appearance of these fish, but also affect the mining efficiency. , Fish that meet certain conditions can get a certain percentage of mining speed bonus, which will also directly affect the player's income in the game.

In addition to the official NFT fish, players can also consume tokens to cast fish tanks in the game. Through the fish tanks, players can feed and breed more fish to improve mining efficiency and obtain more rewards. The game will liberate the game's economic system to a greater extent through the dual token model of KOI and SHELL.

Metaverse has eight major labels, namely identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, any place, economic system and civilization. The most important feature is the sense of identity. The sense of identity determines who you are. A sense of identity can be established by making friends, accumulating more wealth in the meta-universe world, and fully immersed in the virtual space.

Another feature is a more natural interaction. We are going to have a remote meeting with a colleague now. You need to open the meeting software, enter the meeting number and confirm repeatedly to start communicating, but in Metaverse, you only need to walk to your colleague to start communicating with him. This kind of interaction completely breaks the current "tool" mentality.

Compared with the current mainstream NFT market platforms and the head projects in the GameFi field, Koi Labs provides users with a more complete "one-stop" platform. Users can play games on the platform and get benefits from them, and they can also It is very convenient to use functions such as lending, leasing and index products provided by DeFi applications, which can maximize the efficiency of NFT assets. And this one-stop experience can greatly reduce the sense of fragmentation in the previous GameFi field. With the launch of Koi Metaverse, a new "game metaverse" is slowly kicking off.


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