The Jungle

The Jungle

He is the man

Taking 38 years

To waking his last hope.

After his divorce;

Which lasted for 18 years.

A fight ticket

laid on his table

of getting rotten

And rust.

He knew he was not even prime;

to roving as a traveler;

It seems that he went adrift

When he left his empty stories

Then he was homeless.

Those men

Would bring girlfriend,

Or A partner

and a decent camera

at the Bairro Alto, Duomo Rooftops or Kourion.

It is wise

To bring a one-way ticket

Getting off in his Cadillac;

Then he was going on to the Jungle

In Borneo lowland

With the company of

Malayan tapir

In bicolor

He was right to think so;

Giving up

The hope of


And the days of

hand on mouth.

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