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Hi! 我是Shawn,一直以來都想幫助老師、學生、學校,把教學、學習、管理變得更好。喜歡教育和研究,結果跑到科技業發展;做過基層也當過高層,換個環境再次體驗小螺絲釘的節奏。在成為獨立工作者的路上,和你分享這近10年跨學術和產業的觀察與經驗。 合作洽談:[email protected]

【How to Write】Cite the previous studies

As a researcher, one of your main tasks is to sell your research ideas if you want your paper to get accepted and published by a journal.

As a researcher, one of your main tasks is to sell your research ideas if you want your paper to get accepted and published by a journal. For this purpose, it's necessary to convince the reviewers and editors that your research is important. But how? Let me ask you this: What is your research for? What problem your research (or solution) can solve?

What you need is to review and cite previous studies to provide the reasons why your research is important. You can make them your supporters and lobbyists. Here are three sentence patterns for citation.

Author (Year) (has) found/stated/noted/mentioned/suggested/indicated/demonstrated/concluded/pointed out that......

e.g., Soonlin (2019) found that only 15% of participants were willing to turn on their video cameras and microphones when attending online courses.

Author A and Author B (Year) (have/has) analysed/identified/provided/proposed/used/reviewed/investigated/conducted/measured sth or sb......

e.g., Soonlin (2019) has proposed the online-merge-offline (OMO) framework for designing and developing digital learning environments.

e.g., Soonlin and Lin (2020) collected and analysed behavioural data from 214 undergraduate students by an online learning platform.

Numerous/Several/A number of studies (have) indicated/supported/reported/showed/found/noted that...... (Study A; Study B; Study C......)

e.g., Several studies have reported that hybrid-flexible courses have become the new normal for K-12 and higher education since the outbreak of COVID-19 (EDUCAUSE, 2021; UNESCO, 2020, 2021).

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【How to Write】The structure of an academic paper

【How to Write】Describe the background


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