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潤學筆記|Learning English|Topic: Leadership


Leadership is an essential competency when we take stock of the societal upheaval trigged by the pandemic.

Pride Month


I woke up at 5:48 this morning, part of the reason is that the dog was already fidgeting around the room. Her paws tap-tap on the wooden flo...

My dad’s English name- Chat 2


Now since my mother's baptized with her new name, we have to find an English name for my father, too, so he could talk to Emilia.

【How to Write】Give commentaries on previous studies

Dr. Soonlin

This is not only to summarise what they have done and found but also to tell your readers that there is a problem or a knowledge gap in the field.

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【How to Write】Cite the previous studies

Dr. Soonlin

As a researcher, one of your main tasks is to sell your research ideas if you want your paper to get accepted and published by a journal.

【How to Write】Describe the background

Dr. Soonlin

The three basic samples we mention here are just to help you make the first move. It's not that difficult. It's quite easy to get started.

【How to Write】The structure of an academic paper

Dr. Soonlin

The following is a basic writing structure for an academic paper, and you can just copy and paste them as the outline to start your paper writing.

Writing in English versus in Chinese

eastwalker | 赴東行者

This is my English composition tips for you…




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散文 / 我用Google Translate 先打英文再讓它把英文翻譯做中文


這是我第一次在谷歌翻譯上先輸入英文來輸入中文 ……