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Why you need to watch crypto base releases?
  1. Let's start with the fact that the guys are not just showing videos, but they themselves are active validators and members of the network.
  2. The video contains a lot of information both for beginners who are just becoming and for active users of the network and cryptocurrencies in general, but also information on how to raise the nodes of certain projects, how to conduct their own project research.
  3. Guys always actively help with any difficulties that arise by answering in the telegram channel. They are also active members and administrators of most of the channels that are connected with the entire ecosystem of COSMOS.
  4. In addition to the fact that the guys are crypto-enthusiasts, in each issue they arrange contests with distributions to each member of the community so that they not only in theory but also in practice experience the material they heard and saw from them. Everyone who is not lazy receives a symbolic amount like a chocolate bar for an excellent rating)
  5. Аnd most importantly, the guys are always at the level of friends, they communicate without any ranks. As Vladimir once wrote to me, we are all on the same level here, despite the fact that he is a validator and I am just a beginner, I think this requires special respect for such people.
  6. https://socprofile.com/cryptobase  

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