Forget,Forgive, Forever, Beloved

Chill can be anywhere, any time

Chill 對你來說是什麼定義?

圖中給你的第一個感覺是什麼?一杯咖啡圖, 頂多給多個不錯的顏色背景?有這樣想法嗎?

圖的背景是澳門商業中心-南灣, 飲品的確是一杯咖啡, 這是我至愛品牌的"Cold brew with Cold foam" , 綿綿的奶泡, 飲下去時並無奶蓋的要消耗多少卡路里的罪惡感, 但有別於cappuccino 頂層厚奶雲, 入口的一下, 有少少柔滑的奶感配以Cold brew 的fresh , 正~值得推介!!!

不好意思, 因為本人是咖啡人, 所以一說起我的至愛, 就可以說很多. 而一杯咖啡已經可以給我一點Chill的感受.這幅圖以澳門最繁忙的地方做背景, 被周圍的高樓,商業大廈,辦公室所圍繞, 配上一杯往往給人有chill 感覺的咖啡, 寓意為想chill 不一定要在一間裝潢Chill, 或面對無敵海景先可以chill, 任何時間, 任何地點都可以, 只要你想, 那怕停一1秒

這個圖還有另一個感受, 就是不要迷失, 對於已經於社會中拼博多年的社會人, 會不自然習慣了現在生活模式, 而忘記了自己本來的真實一面, 對於社會新鮮人為了自己康莊大道, 亦會選擇忽略自己的特質, 當你突然有一秒, 抬頭望上天時, 發覺自己已經被不同事物, 角色所包圍, 只有向上望, 才能看見籃天,即要不斷要上一級, 爭取空間, 而這杯咖啡正正提醒你, 向上努力之餘, 都要比時間自己, 不是指週六日的時間, 而是給自己內在小朋友的時間, 放空時間, 問一問自己, 你今天過得好嗎?

Following is the translation


What is the feeling of that picture for your 1sight ? Only a cup of coffee with a city background?

Well, the background located at Macau business center and this is my favorite " Cold brew with Cold foam" , that taste is very miracle to me , coz that is not a heavy milky foam but with little bit smooth feeling, and drink with fresh cold brew, nice!!!

Have a cup of coffee is a kind of chill to me and that picture would like to express chill can be in anywhere and anytime, depends on your thought and feeling. Chill is not necessary to stay a cafe with beauty decoration or facing the sea, but can have chill in this surrounded by buildings or business centers if you want to have. It reminds you stop for a seconds, a moment or while and the chill is waiting for you.

The other meaning of this picture is don't lose yourself. Most of the rich experienced society people are merged into this normal, routine daily life , working status and eventually do not know their real face. Somehow want to escape from this seems stability life, but don't know where can go. For the fresh society people , they may ignore their original face and accept to live and work like that for their future. Suddenly look up the sky , you find out you are surrounded by different things or roles. You only know need to work hard to go up and have more freedom. This cup of coffee, reminding those experienced or fresh society people to leave some seconds, moment or while to your inner child with asking "How are you today?"


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