I know it’s there

I could feel it vividly 

Its here

Climbing on my arms

A snake

Must be a snake

The way it smell

The way it feels my skin

I could hear it even I can’t see it

I barely move

Try to focus on my own breath

To lower my heart beat

Hope for its leaving quietly 

But no

That bastard gets my tricks 

Bite me hard when I fear it most

Now I see it

A beautiful sliver snake

I press his head

Pull it off my arm

Regardless of the blood on my skins 

My mom yell

Who put it in

Who did this

I told her it’s not the problem now

Let’s prioritize 

First thing first

Help me get rid of it 

She didn’t listen 

Like she never did

She walked away and swear to find the murderer for me

Actually that’s for her

It’s not what I want 

it’s what she want

She always put her in front of me

And assume it’s for my own good

So I call her names

To put what herself ahead

To ignore my need

To not hear me out

Even I tell her again and again

She has to show her love her way

Even I told her to hold me tight

I just need her company

Say nothing just be with me

She left me alone and work hard to give me the best 

She thought thats what is love 

either she lie to me

or love is a selfish bitch

I have no choice but deal with it myself 

I have no one but I own

I went to the kitchen 

Find the knife 

Grab it firmly 

And chop it’s head off


The snake



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