Summertime story

If this really exists, the time machine, I probably would choose to go back to that summer in Madrid.

If I have to pick a happiest moment in my entire life, I would probably say that this is it.

Not the time I was crazily in love, not even the time I had my own child.

That summer means a lot to me, it’s not only the first time I visited Spain, in fact it’s the first time I left my own country, it means so much to me, because I met my “families” there, the chosen one, we looked differently, we speak differently, but we understand each other, value every one and we accept each other fully.

They were my flat mates, they’re from Portugal, Italy, France and Turkey.

The first time we met, I used several minutes to describe a romantic movie, they heard me out patiently, and never laughed my struggling for picking the right words.

The movie “Taxi driver” we watched and squeezed on that blue leather sofa, become one of my favorite.

We hang out after class, the pub across the street, we all thought that 9 euros of a cup of cocktail there is awfully expensive, and we actually sucks at throwing darts, but we kept going there and it become our spot.

Before I met them, the single story I have been told, is foreigners always go dutch, they usually keep distant and they don’t easily trust others.

They showed me the opposite, I was feeling that they treat me as a part of the group, when they cooked and shared me their food, we bought each other drinks sometimes and we did dish washing together. 

We used to love put some music and dance in our tiny kitchen, we made our own cocktails and “snapping” at someone for holding the toilet too long.

To them, I am more than a Chinese, cause they don’t see many resemblances of a typical Chinese or even Asian they used to met. 

To me, they brought me a close observation for what are European like and differ from one another.

That summer of our twenties, we were young and stupid, we drank and danced as tomorrow may never come, we sung and laughed wildly on the streets like the people passed us wouldn't even notice.

We lived in our dreams, we made lives fully and stood by each other aimlessly.



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