Everyone has someone to miss

Never thought I would stop looking for you

Want to say I will be here forever 

Well we both know it won’t be true

Then I guess that’s it

No matter how special you made me feel

Yesterday here, now it’s gone

If everything happens for some reason

What’s the point for all this

You left me there

Waiting like a fool

I’m so mad at you

I’m so mad about you 

You are my disease 

You are my medicine 

You are a ghost

Hovering around my mind

The songs you sent

I played it again and again

The movie you mentioned

I watched it over and over

The meaningless words you said 

I keep thinking of it

Please tell me how

How to hate you less

How to miss you less

How to care you less

So I decide 

To fold all my feelings

Dig a hole and bury it away

When I look inside 

I find you there 

With you stupid converse shoes

You were lying there

Looking at me with your innocent eyes

Pretend you don’t see me

Pretend you don’t recognize me

Pretend you don’t know me at all

But I know this

No matter how many time it happened 

I will never dare to look into your eyes 

And say

Hola stranger 

Just shut up and kiss me 

There’s a million things I don’t know about you

And a million things didn’t kept me away from you 

It happened anyway 

I let you get under my skin

Get inside of my souls

Staying in my mind for free

without paying any rent

But none of that matters anymore

You won’t remember 

Any of these 

Cause it’s just how it is 

We were meant to be missed

Everyone has someone to miss

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