Yes, already demoralized.

Morality Studies

When I realize that while there were more than one holocaust near where I live, there is barely one study of them...

I know, I have read, and I am expected to read more

Of morality studies on the Holocaust

One of the man-made sufferings that appalled, appalls, and will go on to appall without any predictable end

Generations of human beings

A study after a study after a study

Whose continuity itself tells how seriously human beings wish that there be no more Holocaust

No more

No more

No more

No one knows, but...

Every time when I read those studies

I was, am, and I know I will go on to be appalled

By the lack of morality studies

On the man-made holocausts happening in another place

Where I am from

There I am from

There I am from

No one studies them

Not allowed

Not courageous enough

Not caring about anymore

So I know

I just know

I know that I know

They would come

Once more

Once more

Or a thousand times more


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