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【FULL FEATURE】6月3+1日 ׀ 紀實 ׀ Documentary ׀ The WELL




The 33th anniversary of Tiananmen Square crackdown on 4th June, 1989, is also the 3rd year of Hongkongers who cannot commemorate together in public. The entrance of Victoria Park, as well as the voices from the public are both banned. No one or organization has applied for the permit to gather for the first time. The atmosphere of the anniversary becomes quiet and weird, but seems to be accepted by the public. The number 6 and 4 become banned words on this day.

This documentary interviews some performance artists, and famous writers Chong Mui Ngam with experiences on 3rd June and 4th June this year.

“ I have the mood on 4th June every day. My mood today isn’t heavier than it was yesterday, and is not relaxing than it will be tomorrow.” Chong Mui Ngam said.

Music credit - 陳偉發先生


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