Just call me Jānis :)

moonbeam: introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Jānis and I am a crypto enthusiast. My hobby is participation in testnets of various projects and helping them, I like to get new experience in this direction. Participated in a large number of projects and gained experience since 2019. Among other things, I was lucky to take part in the testnet of the new FoTan network for LikeCoin.

Here is my testnet validator: click.

After reading the documentation and checking out the Discord, I was interested in the concept of decentralized publishing, so I wanted to become a validator for the LikeCoin Mainnet.

My Mainnet validator: click.

I have the skills to write technical documentation and developing Telegram-Bots, so I hope I can be helpful to the community.

My Discord handle: moonbeam#4999

Thank you for attention!

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