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書摘:《Beautiful World, Where Are You》- Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney's words are so exquisite and the emotions of the protagonists are always so finely detailed, which touch my heart in so many ways.

📝 Review: I was so impressed by her style of writing when I first read her book “Normal People.” Her words are so exquisite and the emotions of the protagonists are always so finely detailed, which touch my heart in so many ways. The characters and storyline of ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’ are not as distinguished as Connell and Marianne’s in ‘Normal People,” but somehow it still manages to provide readers with a worldview that especially arts students would feel resonated to, and a part of life that all of us may have been through.

🔖 Quotes from ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’, another wonderfully written book by Sally Rooney. 

🔖 “When we were young, we thought our responsibilities stretched out to encompass the earth and everything that lived on it. And now we have to content ourselves with trying not to let down our loved ones, trying not to use too much plastic, and in your case trying to write an interesting book once every few years. So far so good on that front.”
🔖 “But do you ever experience a sort of diluted, personalised version of that feeling, as if your own life, your own world, has slowly but perceptibly become an uglier place? Or even a sense that while you used to be in step with the cultural discourse, you’re not anymore, and you feel yourself adrift from the world of ideas, alienated, with no intellectual home? Maybe it is about our specific historical moment, or maybe it’s just about getting older and disillusioned, and it happens to everyone.”
🔖 “Although our lives have been different in basically every respect, I do feel in a strange way that we’ve taken different routes to reach similar points, and there’s a lot we recognise in one another.”
🔖”I know that it’s not the life you imagined for me, Alice—buying a house and having children with a boy I grew up with. It’s not the life I used to imagine for myself either. But it’s the life I have, the only one. And as I write you this message I’m very happy. All my love.”

📚Beautiful World, Where Are You by #SallyRooney

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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書評:《正常人 Normal People》- Sally Rooney


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