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麻古茶坊 🇹🇼 台灣

這是這陣子很紅的飲料店🍹 很酷的是他有賣其他飲料店沒有的「楊枝甘露」外,還有「芝芝芒果果粒🥭」、「芝芝葡萄果粒🍇」!

麻古茶坊 ðŸ‡¹ðŸ‡¼ 台灣



🇹🇼 Taiwan


It's a popular drink shop🍹 recently in Taiwan. The cool thing is that it sells "楊枝甘露", and "芝芝芒果果粒🥭", "芝芝葡萄果粒🍇", there are special drinks in the drink store!

At about NT90 a cup, the "芝芝系列" is quite expensive, but it tastes great. The top layer is cheese milk🧀, the bottom layer is green tea jelly and fruit pulp, drinking a cup is like eating dessert, you will feel full.

It is a good choice to drink in the summer😍!


這是這陣子很紅的飲料店🍹 很酷的是他有賣其他飲料店沒有的「楊枝甘露」外,還有「芝芝芒果果粒🥭」、「芝芝葡萄果粒🍇」!




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