EP 13. 英文新聞 | 紓困4.0怎麼說 X 美國國會生氣了,要來制裁Google, Facebook?

紓困4.0怎麼說 X 美國國會生氣了,要來制裁Google, Facebook?

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新聞英文回歸啦! 今天真的很hardcore,或許能當成助眠音樂? 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。今天來談談 紓困4.0 的英文,以及美國國會如火如荼進行的反壟斷法案。


  1. subsidy 補助金
  2. individual 個人
  3. estimated 估計
  4. cabinet 內閣
  5. antitrust 反壟斷
  6. dismantle 拆解
  7. rival 競爭者
  8. ecosystem 生態系
  9. innovation 創新
  10.  competition 競爭

COVID-19: Subsidies to benefit 7.3m people, Premier Su say

The subsidies for individuals, which will benefit an estimated 7.3 million people, include a one-time subsidy of NT$10,000 to NT$30,000 for farmers, fishers, tour guides, taxi drivers and self-employed people, among others, Su said.

Subsidies for businesses include one-time payments to those in industries hit hard by the pandemic, including the transportation, tourism, retail and education sectors, as well as the arts, the Cabinet has said previously.


Congress unveils bills to dismantle tech giants


  1. 市值在 6000 億美元以上、或是每月活躍用戶超過 5000 萬人
  2. 每月活躍商業用戶超過 10 萬人的公司
  3. 有能力限制或阻礙其他公司接觸客戶或提供服務的「關鍵交易夥伴」

這三個條件,目前符合的為Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google。是美國國會數十年來對反壟斷法推動的最大革命。我會關注到這新聞是今天早上在運動的時候,聽到Axios Re:cap主持人Dan找來chair of the House antitrust committee, David Cicilline來對談。

Driving the news:

If passed, the bills could force Apple to change how it runs its app store, break apart Amazon's control of its marketplace and halt Facebook and Google from buying smaller rivals in an effort to remake the online ecosystem.


1. American Choice and Innovation Online Act 美國選擇與創新線上法案

is meant to prevent dominant companies from unfairly disadvantaging rivals, such as preventing smaller companies from establishing their own prices for goods and services.

2. Ending Platform Monopolies Act 終止平台壟斷法案

例如亞馬遜不得販售自有品牌 Amazon Basics 產品,蘋果不能提供 Apple Music,或 Google 無法提供旅遊、購物等特殊搜尋服務。

3. Platform Competition and Opportunity Act 平台競爭和機會法案

aim to stop the practice of Big Tech giants buying up rivals they see to be nascent threats

4. Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching Act of 2021,ACCESS 啟用服務交換法


5. Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act of 2021 併購申報費用現代化法案




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