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When Can I get my own Lambo?


Further to my previous post in HIVE CN community, I had a super great dinner with my friend last night, actually I am still very full when I get up this morning. Therefore I decide to have a light breakfast for this morning, otherwise I will be bloody sleepy if I am going to take so much for breakfast.

By the way, I saw my super dream car when I was on the way for dinner last night - the Lamborghini, really want to get there to take a selfie with it, but I still prefer to do so until someday I have my own Lambo.

Em...maybe the Hive can make my dream comes truth when it rockets to the moon, haha. I gonna save up as much Hive and the other crypto as I can when they are still at the low price level. Hopefully I can get my own Lambo very soon and take a selfie to post on here Matters.


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