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How to Do Fleet Management during COVID-19?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world, the global economy has plunged drastically. Like all other businesses, fleet companies also suffered downsizing and revenue decline. Due to the loss of a huge workforce, reliance on fleet management systems became widespread. However, very few businesses were able to control the pandemic's devastating effects.

The COVID-19 has resulted in uncertainty for the fleet business. With fluctuating sales and a lesser workforce, companies have to adapt smartly to handle the challenging circumstances. Let us look at the different ways to run successful operations during the pandemic. 

Imposing all the SOPs:

With the pandemic outbreak, the fleet companies had to adopt SOPs to control its adversities. Some of the essential SOPs include:

  • Online payments
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas
  • Sanitizing hands
  • Keeping a 6-feet distance
  • Wearing a mask

All these SOPs help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and allow the running of operations smoothly. Therefore, all the companies should take the necessary precautionary steps to continue business safely. 

Reduce Costs:

Due to the pandemic, lockdowns were imposed worldwide, and businesses witnessed a lot of financial losses. In such a situation, saving the operational expense is the only way for financial stability. 

As a manager, you must take various cost control measures like reducing variable expenses. For example, minimize fuel costs through strict drivers’ monitoring and documenting the fueling transactions. With route optimization, you can reduce the destination's distance, resulting in lower fuel consumption. 

Rely on Technology:

During COVID-19, the majority of businesses went through downsizing. Thus, there was lesser availability of workforce to handle various aspects of daily operations. Technology was the most viable option to cover this gap. By introducing operational automation through fleet management systems, businesses can achieve better productivity. 

Whether you talk about financial or asset management tools, various integration options are available for management solutions. With the combination of these tools, managers can monitor every aspect in one place with convenience. It can result in better analysis and consequently more efficiency. 

Focus on Vehicle Maintenance:

Maintenance is really important to keep a well-functioning and sustainable group of vehicles. Due to the pandemic, the businesses have to ensure that their operations are at optimum level. It can’t be possible without enhancing the vehicles’ condition. It is integral to take all the mandatory steps like daily inspections. Also, incorporating efficient monitoring can help reduce wear and tear, resulting in machinery conservation.

The modern fleet management systems have the option of monitoring driver’s behavior. Any reckless action on the driver’s part like sharp acceleration or brakes is identified immediately. The reporting also gives insights about the proper measures to adopt for effective maintenance. 

Anticipate Changing Demands:

The global logistics market saw an inconsistent trend in consumer demand post-COVID-19. Therefore, businesses have to adapt according to the changing customer requirements. It is essential to introduce an intelligent strategy that incorporates all the concrete facts. With the help of insightful data, you can conduct solid planning.  

One effective way to meet the changing demands is by learning from others. Try to research the companies that have successfully neutralized the COVID-19 effects on their business. Note down the key measures that have helped them meet the requirements without dropping efficiency. It will help you to make informed decisions for the future.

COVID-19 is a sad reality that the fleet business is currently facing. Its impact can be controlled through preemptive planning and efficient implementation. The use of modern fleet management systems can also be a great assistance. Every company should focus on keeping their business afloat while safeguarding their customer interests. 


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