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☕️台灣百貨公司內咖啡逃脫計畫 Getaway Cafes in Taiwanese Department stores


☕️台灣百貨公司內咖啡逃脫計畫 Getaway Cafes in Taiwanese Department stores

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu on Unsplash


I often spirited second as accompanied family and friends shopping on the mall or department store, the next second I started to feel tired.


That’s the moment I need some coffee and a good cafe.


But I am afraid to fall into the“Green Mermaid “ chain coffee clutches. Because the leisure time is so precious that I don’t wanna spend anyone second under the roof of the “Green Mermaid “ sign or the golden arches.


When I was shopping with my family in Taiwan, I had a set of “Departmental stores’ coffee Getaway Plan”.


UCC Coffee’s chain cafe in the department store is where I would go to as I got bored in Taiwanese department store.

在這些藏身百貨公司咖啡廳中,最經得起所有咖啡愛好者考驗的,是名為「COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET」的旗艦店。


Among all the cafe hiding in the department store, “COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET” can definitely reach every coffee lover’s standards.

Although their prices are a little higher than the “Green Mermaid chain store”.

However, from food to every single product of coffee, no matter whether it is hot or cold, are not critical, “Taipei’s best department store built-in coffee,” absolutely deserved.

喝冰咖啡像品酒🍷☕️,UCC海外旗艦咖啡館 UCC Tasting Ice Coffee like Wine at UCC COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET

除了COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET這個旗艦店魔王外,在UCC咖啡系統百貨公司咖啡廳,還有上島、Cafe Mercado跟K’s Cafe,基本上,在供餐標準化下:

There’re another three chains cafes under the flag of UCC system that you could find in Taiwanese department stores: Ueshima coffee ,Cafe Mercado & K’s Cafe.

The quality of Single coffee, latte, sandwiches, cakes might not be better than the flagship store, also in the acceptable range.

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UCC | Café Mercado
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UCC | K's Café
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If you want to escape from “Mermaid Green” coffee like me, the UCC Cafe is a safe bet in Taiwanese Department Stores.


Another safe cafe bet in Taiwanese Department Stores called “Otaru Handmade Coffee”.

Their quality of Single coffee, latte, sandwiches, cakes is about the same. And they could do better latte arts.


These two simple “Departmental stores’ coffee Getaway Plan” are not good enough to argue with the hardcore coffee lovers, but are more than enough to be “better” choices when shopping with family and friends.


For all foreign tourists who come to Taiwan, if you want to find a cafe in those Taiwanese department stores.

And you don’t wanna go to another cafe with “Green Mermaid “ sign.

I recommend my “Departmental stores’ coffee Getaway Plan”.

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