Self-destruction is the slave of fate, self-improvement is the angel of life; I don't want to water my soul with other people's sweat, I am willing to use other people's padded jacket to warm my body

Positive Energy Inspirational Quotes

What you have to do is what others can't replace, then you can't blame anyone else, you are useless!

When you don’t travel, take risks, or talk about a relationship, but you have never tried a life, you just hang on QQ, browse Weibo, visit Taobao, and do things that you can do at 80, then What's the use of your youth.

Bowing is a kind of ability, it is not inferiority, it is not cowardly, it is the evolution of sobriety. Sometimes, just lower your head, or our life path will be more exciting.

Life needs some amorous touches. That is, our souls always want a little bit of historical greetings, some poetic touches, and some natural comforts.

Your flustered, complaining, miserable expressions, dare not to carry things, shirk, make excuses, unclear logic, no feedback, informality, mindlessness, and mindless actions will betray you, sunshine, calmness, Optimistic, fighting, clear thinking, courageous in dedication, enduring loneliness, not afraid of making mistakes, making progress, and fighting every day will achieve a future that surprises even oneself.


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