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An intriguing picture

This photograph was taken at a bridge across roads in Shenzhen. It illustrates a grandma or a female caregiver who is responsible for taking the kids back home is carrying the children's bags while the two kids are just walking and chatting. It's a common phenomenon in mainland China and those metropolis especially top-tier cities like Shenzhen. it tells us the below stuff:

1, It's a fast-paced society. Wealthy parents lack flexibility to take good care of their children so that the elderly or some paid domestic helpers get engaged and shoulder this responsibility.

2, Many adults including the woman in the graph don't really understand the key to education. The kids are spoiled. and they should be taught to do their own business. They must be nurtured as do-it-yourselfers otherwise they won't be independent and stand on their own feet when they grow up.

3, How can parents reach work-life balance? Are they too busy to drive their children to and off school? Perhaps some families don't have a full-time housewife or a dedicated father, I truly believe that parents should spend some time with their children.

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CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 版權聲明