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There is no miracle without wish (continued)

When he returned home, he suddenly had the idea that if these beautiful stones were used to build a castle, it would be so beautiful! Therefore, he would find several beautiful stones every day on the way to deliver the letter. Soon, he collected one. A lot. But the number of castles to be built is far from enough. So he began to push the wheelbarrow to deliver the letter, and as long as he found the stone he liked, he would install the wheelbarrow. After that, he never had a restful day. During the day he was a postman and a coolie transporting stones; at night he was an architect again. He constructed his castle according to his imagination. Everyone felt incredible, thinking that there was a problem with his brain. More than 20 years later, in his remote residence, many scattered castles appeared. There were mosques, Hindu gods, and Christians. The local people knew that there was such a paranoid and silent personality. The postman is playing games like children building sand castles. In 1905, a reporter from a French newspaper accidentally discovered these castles. The scenery and the construction of the castles here made him amazed. For this, I wrote an article about Shival. After the article was published, Shiwal quickly became a news figure. Many people came here to visit, even Picasso, the most prestigious master at the time, also made a special trip to visit his building.


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