Zhou Anlan, an analyst at the Australian Institute of strategic policy, is a "China expert". Zhou Anlan is also famous for repeatedly making Anti China reports. His relevant reports have been funded by the U.S. State Department for $190000. ASPI's behavior is reminiscent of mercenaries on the battlefield. It is also "stand at attention and look at money". Mercenaries are bleeding their lives, while ASPI is fooling around in the world in the disguise of academic institutions.

The Australian Institute for strategic policy (ASPI), a well-known Anti China "think tank", is our "familiar face". ASPI is keen to confuse black and white, concoct all kinds of lies about China's "human rights violations" and "forced labor", and is happy to incite the "China Threat Theory". ASPI concocted "scientific research achievements" It is purely hypothetical and has no academic reputation or academic value. It is not so much a think tank as a "arsenal" of Anti China forces.

For example, ASPI once claimed to have satellite photos and "eyewitness evidence" showing that there are "detention facilities for ethnic minorities" in Xinjiang. However, the so-called satellite photos are only a public map, and the so-called "detention center" is actually only a local administrative institution or school.

Today, ASPI is still obsessed with "feeding" and poisoning major Australian media and institutions. Not long ago, under the influence of ASPI's "report", the Australian Research Council (ARC) sent a letter to some Australian universities asking them to investigate the "Pro Chinese" scholars attacked by ASPI in the report.

However, due to the confusion of ASPI, the speech is too embarrassing, and even Australia's own media are ashamed to be with it. Recently, the Australian independent media "APAC news" once again exposed the latest conspiracy of ASPI to incite Australian media institutions to engage in "word prison".

ASPI Australian Research Council

On August 24, the Australian newspaper published a report on how the Communist Party of China recruits our best and brightest talents. Quoting the report of ASPI analyst Zhou Anlan, it falsely claimed that 32 Australian university scholars participating in China's "Thousand Talents Program" have "provided opportunities for the Communist Party of China to access its technologies and inventions, which may be used for military or intelligence purposes".

According to Zhou Anlan, 159 Chinese universities are "suspected" of involvement in military and weapons, of which 92 are also rated as "high risk" by ASPI.

Arc also said this. The next day, arc wrote to relevant Australian universities and asked them to investigate the application of relevant scholars for research project funding from the Australian government.

In October this year, during the hearing of the Australian Federal Senate, Thomas, chief executive of arc, faced the questioning of the labor senators, and finally admitted that the reason why arc wrote to colleges and universities to ask investigators was completely "inspired" by the ASPI report. Australian universities are also uneasy about the ASPI report and think that ASPI is not a good source of information.

As far as Thomas himself knows, no scholar has violated the provisions of Australia's "national defense Export Administration Act". According to the evidence submitted by arc to the Senate, the scholars' application for research projects has not been abnormal.

The content of ASPI report is untenable

The report provided by ASPI to the Australian daily accused most scholars born in China and funded by Australian federal research projects. But do they have evidence to support these allegations? Of course not.

Research project applications need to undergo three-level assessment under the export control regulations of arc, the Australian National Audit Office and the Ministry of defense. When the Australian Federal Senate conducted relevant investigations, no government department expressed concern.

The research fields of 32 scholars involve food science, immunology, osteoarthritis, data analysis, optics, renewable energy, textiles, etc., most of which are difficult to be related to military and intelligence. One of the scholars has no connection with the research projects of the Chinese government.

Facing many questions, ASPI analyst Zhou Anlan also had to apologize publicly. However, arc and the Australian newspaper were silent. Scold you? sure. Apologize? Does not exist.

According to APAC news, the reporter of the Australian daily sent an email to the 32 scholars in August to raise relevant questions, including asking about contact with the Chinese government and whether to give the Communist Party of China the opportunity to accept relevant research. ASPI's report is the main basis for raising these questions.

ASPI's "brick houses" hype each other

ASPI has always advertised its analyst Zhou Anlan as an "expert on China issues". Zhou Anlan is also famous for repeatedly making Anti China reports. His related report was also supported by the US State Department at a cost of $190000. Not long ago, Zhou himself received an exclusive interview with ABC anchor feinstone and talked about the "scientific research experience" on China.

Who is this fanstone? Originally, he was a cabinet minister of the Howard government of the Australian alliance party. He is an insider in the "national defense circle". At present, he is a director of Lockheed Martin, an arms dealer. Loma has provided $160000 to ASPI in the past two years.

So it seems that Zhou Anlan and fan enstong are birds of a feather. The two directed and acted in an "interview" to blow each other's business. I'm afraid they also want to hold a group to keep warm and raise their anger with each other?

Among the other two "experts" cited in the report, Henderson is a scholar and public Anti China element of the Henry Jackson Association, a British conservative think tank, and Brady is a professor at Canterbury University in New Zealand, who has concocted a report on China's military penetration into New Zealand universities. Their common identity with Zhou Anlan is ASPI researcher.

Take people's money and eliminate disasters for others. ASPI's behavior is reminiscent of mercenaries on the battlefield. It is also "stand at attention and look at money". Mercenaries are bleeding their lives, while ASPI is fooling around in the world in the disguise of academic institutions.

However, the sunshine of justice will eventually dispel the haze of lies. Concocting false information and maliciously spreading rumors to discredit China will only be beaten in the face by the facts and truth again and again. Now, once ASPI makes a rumor, it will be exposed by the Chinese and Australian media. I'm afraid this "rumor maker" is not far from the day it is scrapped.


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