我的自我 我是 siva 我來自印度,來到台灣攻讀機械工程碩士學位。 I am siva from india, came to taiwan to pursue Masters in Mechanical engineer.

The Quest of Devil (part-3) 惡魔的追求(第 3 部分)

Is something real there in that house? 那房子裡有什麼東西嗎?

Siva and Harsha were waiting for Raju to start drinking 🍻. Later Raju came they started drinking and start to talk about their life partners. Then one miscellaneous thing came out from the Siva bedroom and stalked at them. When that thing is about to approach Harsha. He suddenly looks back but he didn't see anything. Then later some time Raju notice his phone was ringing. It’s his girlfriend from India when he is talking to his girlfriend suddenly the lights will start blinking. He will hang the call and he thinks, that Harsha is planning this to scare Siva. (As they planned to scare Siva). So he didn't pay attention to it so he goes back to the living room. After they finish drinking, they will go to sleep 😴. 

Siva 和 Harsha 正在等待 Raju 開始喝酒🍻。後來拉朱來了,他們開始喝酒並開始談論他們的生活伴侶。然後一件雜七雜八的東西從濕婆臥室裡出來,跟踪著他們。什麼時候,那東西就要接近Harsha了。他突然回過頭,卻什麼也沒看見。過了一段時間,拉朱注意到他的電話響了。這是他來自印度的女朋友,當他和女朋友說話時,燈突然開始閃爍。他會掛斷電話,他想,Harsha 是計劃這樣做來嚇唬 Siva。 (因為他們計劃嚇唬濕婆)。於是他也沒在意,直接回了客廳。喝完後,他們會去睡覺😴。

Later some time, Siva will awake from sleep and notice the air conditioner is off due to a power cut. He tries to wake up Raju but Raju will not respond. Then Siva tries to find his phone for a torch and he will go to the refrigerator to drink water.

稍後,Siva 會從睡眠中醒來,並註意到空調因停電而關閉。他試圖喚醒拉朱,但拉朱沒有回應。然後 Siva 試著找他的手機拿手電筒,他會去冰箱喝水。

While he drinking water he feels like someone passed through behind him. But there won't be anyone when he turns back. Then he listens to water drops sound in the kitchen, he will go to the kitchen to check it. He finds water leaking from the tap and he will turn it off.


When he is going back to his room he notices someone going to his room (uncleaned room). He goes to that room to check who that is, then suddenly he listens to some strange voice saying that.


A: Love is harmful to man, stop loving or you will die


siva : Who are you? Where are you talking from?


A: You don't know me, but listen to my words it will be good for you. Or else you will die.


Siva: Why do we need to listen to you? We will not listen, our life our wish


Then suddenly one hand touched his shoulder, he got scared and fell on the bed


Raju: it's me

Siva: You idiot, I was very frightened.

Raju: What happened? What are you doing here?

Siva: Bro, there is someone else in the room. they are talking about something

Raju: Are you still in a hangover?

Siva: Bro, Believe me

Raju: ok ok, Power came back. Let’s go.

Siva: Bro seriously, someone is in this room









Raju will not listen to Siva and take him to his room to sleep when Siva turns off the light, he sees something is in front of him when id turn on the light again he sees that thing very close to him and falls back and says.. Ghost Ghost Ghost then Raju will come to siva and asks “what happened”. Then they both will notice the door opening automatically and they listen to a strange voice again.

I won't say, again and again, don’t spoil your life in the name of love

當Siva關燈時,Raju不會聽Siva的並帶他到他的房間睡覺,他看到有東西在他面前,當我再次打開燈時,他看到那個東西離他很近,然後退後說.. Ghost Ghost Ghost 然後Raju 會來到siva 並詢問“發生了什麼”。然後他們都會注意到門自動打開了,他們又聽到了奇怪的聲音。


Raju: Harsha stop this I am also getting scared.

Raju:Harsha 停止這個,我也開始害怕了。

Then they both run to the living room by calling Harsha Harsha. Harsha wakeup from sleep and ask them

然後他們都打電話給Harsha Harsha跑到客廳。 Harsha 從睡夢中醒來,問他們

Harsha: What happened, dude???


Then suddenly someone will pull siva to the Raju room. Then Raju and Harsha equation each other “how did you do this??” Then they come to know, really something happening in the house and they run to Raju's room to save Siva.

然後突然有人將siva拉到Raju房間。然後 Raju 和 Harsha 互相等式“你是怎麼做到的??”然後他們才知道,房子裡真的發生了一些事情,他們跑到 Raju 房間去救 Siva。

Part 4 (The Story of Devil)

Did they save Siva, why is the devil doing this all?

第 4 部分(魔鬼的故事)



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