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通道 The Passage



'The Passage'

When I miss a person, a relationship or a city I can't meet, go back or revisit, I'd like to find the passage. like music, calligraphy, language, image, voices, etc., and follow the way. Like a river. When I just started to practice calligraphy, the memories, sorrowful or glittering, started to flow in the river. Gradually I seemed to touch the pleasures of calligraphy as I imitated the model stroke by stroke, wrote down another copy beside the model, and re-understood each Chinese character by re-arranging the strokes, while the memories, like sediments, sank to the bottom. For years I held the pen and let the ink flow every night, sometimes in the day, I slowly grasped the essence of the practice, as the memories washed away. The structure pattern of Chinese characters formed the river bank; the muscle memory became the bed. New memories flows in like fresh water, the memory of practising and various people linked due to calligraphy. It's a therapy, a long-continuing farewell.