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Weed Seeds: The Best Selection, Prices and Deals


Weed seeds are the main ingredient in the production of marijuana. The seeds are usually planted in a pot of soil and then watered frequently to produce cannabis plants.

The most common type of weed seed is the Cannabis Indica, which is also known as “indoor weed”. This type of seed is usually used for indoor cultivation and will grow well under artificial lighting or sunlight. If you want to grow this type of seed outdoors, it will need more light and water than an outdoor plant would require.

The Cannabis Sativa is also a very common weed seed variety and these seeds can be used for either indoor or outdoor cultivation. These types of seeds can grow up to 18 feet tall when planted outdoors, but indoors they will only grow up to 12 feet tall because they don

Weed seeds are the seeds of the cannabis plant that is used for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Weed seeds can be found in various colors, shapes, and sizes. The most common colors are white, green, and brown.

The most common shapes are round and oval. The most common size is less than one inch in diameter which is smaller than a dime.

Weed seeds can be found in various forms such as whole seed pods, ground up weed seed pods (called kief), or ground up weed seed powder (called pollen).

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