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moonbeam community delegation renewal

Hello everyone! I want to renew my community delegation application after 6 months of delegation. Since I received the delegation for the first time in August, I have achieved the following:

IBC enable Proposal
  • I have been depositing and voting for EVERY proposal since I received the delegation in August.
  • I try to constantly help newcomers in Discord with their questions and problems.
  • Using a powerful server for the validator and have never been jailed.
  • Support the project not only in Mainnet, but also in Testnet, where I have been maintaining node since the FoTan network upgrade in August 2021.
Testnet validator node

In the future, I want to continue helping LikeСoin to be a friendly and responsive community, as well as to be a truly decentralized blockchain!

Thank you all for reading this article and good luck!

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