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Because it no longer provides its own independent postal services, Hotmail isn't a completely worthless organization.

Because it no longer provides its own independent postal services, Hotmail isn't a completely worthless organization. The outlook may be used by Hotmail users to access their email accounts. As a matter of fact, it's rather handy. Your Hotmail account will ultimately stop operating if you don't keep up with regular account maintenance.

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Instructions on how to sign up for a fresh Hotmail account were useful.

• Navigate to in a web browser. When you click on the link, you'll be

transported to the Microsoft Outlook website. A new version of Hotmail called has replaced Hotmail in Microsoft's lineup.

•Creating an account on allows you to terminate your email address with ""

·        A free account may be created here. If you're searching for it, it's the blue button on the right. You may find a link in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.

·        If you want to create a new Hotmail account, click the Next button. Select "" from the list of possible domains in the box labeled "New email" and type in the name you'd want to use for your inbox.

·        By selecting "Next," if your email address can be accessible, you'll be sent to a password-creation screen.

·         If the address has already been taken by another user, a warning will appear in red letters. In the first field, you may try putting a number, a few more characters, an initial, or anything else.

·        So go ahead and do it. Fill in the "Create password" text area with the password you wish to use. Make sure your password includes capital and lowercase letters, digits, and other special characters. A minimum of eight characters is required.

·        Select "I do not want to receive offers or information about Microsoft goods" in the drop-down list.

·        After that, pick the next option. You agree to Microsoft's Service Agreement and Privacy and Cookies Policy when you click "next" on this page.

·        Sign up for an email address at

·        After that, enter your full name here. Because of this, the "From" line of every email you send from this account will include your full name.

·        After that, you'll be prompted to input the dates of your birth. Using the drop-down option labeled "Nation/region," pick the right country if the region you are currently in is wrong.

·        Show that you are not a machine. • To prove that you're not a robot, you'll do this.

·         Once you've clicked the Next button, follow the on-screen directions to complete the issue.

Determine whether or not to stay logged in. Finally, you have to decide whether or not to stay signed in when you create an account. You should log out of your Yahoo mail account to keep malicious software at bay. However, if you choose to use a different email service; you may also delete Hotmail account.

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