Everyone says making a cake is cheap.But they don’t really know the cost.

A friend from mainland China has been asking me why you don't make cakes and sell them. It's easy to make money for start up.

(because it is very popular in mainland China in recent years to sell cakes at home, it costs more than 10000 rmb to learn a baking course)

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Now let's calculate the cost of making a birthday cake at home on the Internet:

A. Material cost : It’s not the materials that make baking expensive. It’s time and work, "manual work is very expensive" and "selling technology ".
B. Labor cost : As mentioned above, time and work are important.
C. Time cost : Cake is a product with short service life and cold storage. It can only be prepared 1-2 days in advance, so it is no different from opening a store. There is no free time. Making it in advance extends the storage space.On the day of delivery, we still have to wait for express delivery. We can’t put the storage cabinet for receiving, so we need manpower here.
D. Set up cost: Not to mention the tools and ovens, I think there should be one or more refrigerators. The refrigerators at home are generally full of vegetables for mom. If you make more than 50 small cakes or a big birthday cake, you must have one more refrigerator. But the refrigerator takes up a lot of space. I don’t know if your home has enough space.
E. Logistics cost : If there is a cold storage setup, it will be more expensive.If the courier accidentally has an accident and the customer complains, even if he gives a discount to the customer, if the guest doesn’t sell your order and asks for goods without money, you will have a headache. You may have to offer gifts or extra cake to the customer to make up for it and take a few hours (this kind of customer usually ask for this).

The are reasons why I don’t want to make a cake online :
1. The product life is too short.
2. The product needs to be delivered on the same day.
3. The product preparation time should not be too early.


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