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12月16日|Pi 錢包 (Pi Wallet)將內置在應用程序中! Pi創始人Nicolas Kokkalis(尼古拉斯)發言匯總

Today we had an outage in our Notifications system. The problem is fixed for the majority of Pioneers, but for many Pioneers, their “mining reminder” notifications and pings will stop working and cannot be fixed until the next time they visit the app by themselves. Because earning team pings are also affected, people in your earning team affected by this issue will need to be reminded or informed somehow outside the Pi app (e.g. by Social Media or instant messages) until they sign in again to fix their notification issue. Also, as a byproduct of our fix to this issue, some Pioneers may receive a duplicate delayed mining reminder sometime in the coming 24 hours. This issue does not affect your balances and your Pi is safe. Happy mining. 


@nicolas , please come to Pioneers Malayalam chat and say a Hi. 

請與Pioneers Malayalam聊天,打個招呼。

@sathyakamanlekha I’d be happy to say hi. But I have to go back into fixing a problem we experienced with notifications today. We will make an announcement soon about the problem and how to fix it. 


Hi @Nicolas, I hope pi doesn't set a cold wallet, only set a pi main network hot wallet. Want to get pi to add pi to get pi coins.


@stargazer05 A cold wallet just means that you store your private key in a piece of paper. I think cold wallets are very safe. We can have an option for cold wallets too, eg, a QR code or the key itself you can print and store somewhere safe. 

@ stargazer05一個冷錢包只意味著您將私鑰存儲在一張紙上。我認為冷錢包非常安全。我們也可以選擇冷錢包,例如QR碼或密鑰本身,您可以在安全的地方打印和存儲。




@nicolas I think PI wallet can also sign offline, which is more secure


@LTLJ I agree. Of course hardware wallets are more costly for people, so they can be a good option for those who want it, but not mandatory for everyone. 


@nicolas Hi nicolas my current node availability is 89.02% and my 90 days availability calibration period has been completed. My ports are open and my public IPv4 address is static. Can you please check and confirm if I am eligible for enabling consensus container ?



@nicolas  If you please, would you advise us to download Yoti , statistics and information about visitors, before the confirmation notice appears on the pi network app


@alrabe3jad I do not advise downloading yoti before you get selected by the algorithm. We have received complaints by them that their sevices get overloaded by Pioneers. Also, keep in mind that we hope that there will be a decentralized pioneer-to-pioneer KYC solution for everyone, so Yoti may not always be the only KYC option. Such a solution will also solve all the problems with documents no accepted by yoti. 

@ alrabe3jad我不建議您在被算法選擇之前先下載yoti。我們收到了他們的抱怨,說先鋒們超載了他們的服務。另外,請記住,我們希望每個人都可以擁有一個去中心化的先驅者-先驅者KYC解決方案,因此Yoti不一定總是唯一的KYC選項。這樣的解決方案還將解決yoti不接受的所有文檔問題。


@jijilu We are simply trying to scale the nodes as fast as we can. Hang in there and you will be invited soon



@LTLJ The Pi wallet will be in-app. No need for new software. 

@LTLJ Pi錢包將在應用程序中。無需新軟件。

@nicolas In Nigeria it's very hard to provide those documents needs please they should try to use other ways even if it means us providing our school documents for verification


@Abuhikma Is there a way for one Nigerian to reliably KYC another if they video called? Can one person hold some document in front of the phone's camera to KYC? Will there be any flaw in such a method?


Hi, my Node is enabled for testing yes 2 days ago, but now I cannot acess the Node anymore. There was no Node button on Pi Node app. How was it gone?

嗨,兩天前我的Node已啟用測試功能,但現在我再也無法訪問該Node了。 Pi Node應用程序上沒有Node按鈕。怎麼了



@smith1974 Yes, we are adding Taiwan and several other area codes very soon. Hopefully by the end of this week. 

@ smith1974是的,我們很快將添加台灣和其他一些地區代碼。希望在本週末結束。

>>>不用等到本週末, 今天已經添加台灣和其他一些地區代碼


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