why should you keep promises.


Promises are so important to keep because you want others to trust you just as much as you may trust them. If others don’t trust you well, then they may not continue telling you things that they would usually tell you.

Why is it important:

A promise is asking another person to trust you. If they do is up to them, but your actions will make.

What happens when you don't keep a promise to someone:

When we don't keep a promise to someone, it communicates to that person that we don't value him or her. We have chosen to put something else ahead of our commitment. Even when we break small promises, others learn that they cannot count on us.

How often do you keep a promise to someone:

If you are like most people, you make commitments to others all the time. How often do you keep your promise? It is impossible to follow through on every single one you make in life, but how many you break and how you handle it when you do is key to understanding yourself.

Why do people lie up to their promises:

Here are 8 reasons why you should lie up to the promises you make. 1. Unfulfilled promises leave open loops When you make a promise to yourself and you don’t keep it, a part of you is painfully aware that it’s unfulfilled. It registers as an open loop in the back of your mind. And that part niggles at you.


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