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What hold back our Hive climbs higher lately?

The atmosphere and trend on the markets are getting better, Dow Jones up 249 points last night and the major Indices in the Asia markets are going up quite well this morning.

Sounds there's something holding back our Hive to climb higher recently, it's still going up and down from 0.9 - 0.93xx these day, should I say the 0.94 is the resistance for very short term to our Hive? Maybe !

It's a good chance for people to collect more and more Hive at lower price level for long run, all we know that Hive has a good prospect and it will go higher and higher later on.

Personally just curious to know what making Hive stay at the low price level lately?

People lack of confidence on the markets? It doesn't make sense though, if people is lack of confidence on the markets probably the stocks markets are dipping as well instead of having good uptrend again lately.

The higher interest rate of HBD? Sounds it's not the reason neither, I already changed my mind on the higher interest rate of HBD, can't really see people goes panic on selling Hive for HBD and lock them in the saving account for the higher interest rate last week. Even if they do, they finally need to use HBD to buy Hive then swap for other coins or cash out to the fiat currency. So it doesn't matter to see the HBD interest rate goes higher.

Maybe it's because the Hive went up too high earlier, many people sold at high and waiting to buy at lower? em...sounds this reason is making sense, if so, I need to be patient, buy as much as Hive when it's still at low, then wait for he next surge and sell again to get more HBD and wait for the next correct, if I keep repeating this strategy, I can boost my Hive Power much much much quicker this year, good luck to me guys.


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