不再美食王, 舊時代的遺物, Web 3.0的新世代, 還有我的一席位嗎?

At least, my decision on Hive is correct

Sounds it's not a good day for me to decide whether to stick to my plan or change my mind still when I look at the trend of the crypto market this morning, I noticed that the market was trying to dip last night but soon they quickly rebounded and this morning the markets are back to uptrend again, nearly all the major tokens are going up.

It's really hard for me to make decision on next step under this circumstance especially I saw the coin that I sold are still going up and the coin that I HODL is still a bit lower than the price I bought.

Fortunately I only sold a bit tokens on my hands lately, I am still keeping most of the token on hand, I ain't going to miss too much profit if the markets are going to rally for few more weeks.

And at least, I have made a correct decision on Hive selling it at 1.162 something and I can buy it back slowly now, at the moment the Hive price is about 1.107, I can swap 10-15 HBD for Hive in the internal market daily to save up my Hive portfolio again and see can I make another 30% profit in the coming few weeks.


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