Towards a Republic of Liker Land: The 7th Proposal


LikeCoin chain Proposal #7 - Increase the inflation rate from 2% to dynamic inflation rate 7% - 20%


The last proposal,Proposal 6,was dropped because it did not pass the deposit threshold.

Proposal 7 is now officially proposed after two months of community discussion. Here is the current data :

  • Total LIKE: 1011749968
  • Delegated: 323,826,831
  • LikeCoin chain staking ratio: 32.01%
  • LikeCoin inflation rate: 2%
  • Cosmos Hub staking ratio: 70.61%
  • Cosmos Hub inflation rate: 7% – 20%
  • Number of addresses: 17,420
  • Number of delegated LIKE: ~325,010,000, 32.14% of total supply
  • Number of migrated LIKE: ~733,550,000, migration progress: 83.83%

We believe it's time to move LikeCoin to the next step, hopefully bringing in more users, more validators and helping more content creators.


There are 2 changes in this proposal:

  1. Change the existing inflation rate from 2% to a dynamic range of 7% - 20%
  2. To allow a range of commission rate between 0%-100%, set by a validator independently.

Expected results

If the proposal is passed:

  1. The security of the LikeCoin chain will be greatly improved.
  2. The reward to stakeholders with their LikeCoin delegated will be increased.
  3. The reward to validators will be increased, balancing the effect of increased number of validators.
  4. Validators may readjust their commission according to their own strategy to differentiate themselves.
  5. The number of migrated LikeCoin may be increased.
  6. Bring an increase in DAU & MAU, and also add more active addresses.

drafted by guanyun on 2021.01.06 in Shanghai.