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What Does Streak Mean on Snapchat?

In this guide, you will get to know what are streaks and how you can use Streaks on Snapchat

I am sure that if you are a user of Snapchat then, you are familiar with the world Streak. Streaks are a feature that is the main attraction of the application and the reason behind the popularity of the application. This feature was a breath of fresh air among all the same photo-taking applications. So in this guide, you will get to know what are streaks and how you can use Streaks on Snapchat.

What Does Streak Mean?

Streaks are the count of the number of days you and your friend have shared a snap. In this feature, you need to send a snap to your friend and get one from him in return to establish a streak. The number of days you do this will be your snap streak count. This feature is very popular as the streaks give the users of Snapchat a sense of competitiveness and a strong friendship. You just need to send a snap to your friend if you are wondering how to start a streak on Snapchat.

How Do Snap Streaks work?

After knowing about snap streaks, it is important to know how do streaks work on Snapchat. There are certain interactions that count as streaks on the supplication. You need to click a photo or make a video and then send it as a snap to your friend and then get one in return. The messages on the application, stickers that you send, and sending photos from the memories do not work as Snapchat streaks. So, you need to carefully make sure that you are sending a snap because of you do not then your Snapchat streak will be broken. 

So, this is how to get streaks on Snapchat very simply. Make sure to send snap regularly as if you do not continue then your streak will be broken. 

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