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What does the finishing stage involve?

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In the finishing phase:

  • You return your written report for assessment
  • Oral presentation of your work
  • You write a maturity essay
  • You will write a self-evaluation
  • Get feedback from the client
  • Receive an evaluation of your work
  • Archive your work
  • Publish your work

Once you have done all this and passed, you will receive an evaluation of your work.

Oral presentation

You will present your thesis according to the guidelines of your training, once your supervisor has provisionally approved your work.

What is a maturity essay?

A compulsory maturity essay is included in the thesis for a Bachelor's degree. The purpose of writing a maturity essay is to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject area of your thesis and your command of your mother tongue (your school language). Usually the publications in the are prepared in accordance with all the rules. The maturity essay can be an essay on a topic assigned by your supervisor or, alternatively, a media release on your thesis.

You can register for the maturity essay when your thesis is in the final stage of completion.

You will write your thesis in a supervised setting, on site or remotely, and you will be allowed up to three (3) hours to complete the thesis.

Please follow the instructions provided by your school when registering and writing your thesis.

Assessment of the maturity essay

The content of the thesis will be checked by the thesis supervisor and the language communication teacher. The maturity essay will be assessed on a pass-fail scale, with attention being paid to the following points:

  • Content (assessed by the supervisor)
  • The content will demonstrate mastery of the subject and the process.
  • The content covers the key issues in relation to the title and the topic.
  • Accuracy and reliability of the treatment
  • Text (to be assessed by the communication teacher)

Comprehensibility (e.g. independence of the text = text comprehensible even if the reader has not seen the thesis, argumentation)

Consistency of structure and treatment (overall structure of the text, paragraphing, heading)

Correctness of style (style of subject matter) and language (spelling, etc.)

Writing a maturity essay

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu uses EXAM for writing the maturity essay and has prepared guidelines for its use. Writing a maturity essay in EXAM: text length at least 600 words or 4500 characters.

In some cases, the maturity essay is written electronically in Moodle: font Arial, pt 12, line spacing 1.5, paragraph spacing indicated by a blank line between paragraphs, text length 1.5-2 pages.

Ouriginal check

The thesis report goes through the Ouriginal plagiarism detection. This is done automatically when you return your work for assessment. Ouriginal is a plagiarism detection system that makes it possible to identify plagiarism in a document such as a thesis. Once a thesis has been submitted to Ouriginal for analysis, the system compares it against three different types of sources: web pages, material from publishers such as books, dictionaries and scientific articles, and material submitted by students and archived in the Ouriginal database as source material. The final result of the comparison is an analysis report that reveals not only the similarities with the documents compared, but also the percentage of similarities. Before writing an essay in English, read - We have tried to make it as useful and practical as possible. And if I had to take a break from studying English - definitely.

The result of the Ouriginal analysis is presented as a percentage. The percentage refers to the percentage of your thesis that contains text that Ouriginal found a match for elsewhere. Please note that you cannot draw conclusions directly from the percentage: if Ouriginal finds a large number of matches, you will need to go through the report carefully with the support of your tutor and check the references. You will always see the result of the Ouriginal analysis yourself and the teacher will contact you if the result of the analysis is different.

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