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Today, Drawing123 will guide parents to teach their children to draw the vast ocean world with just a few super simple steps. Little friends under the sea is always a topic that makes children excited to explore and have a lot of motivation to show off their drawing skills!

After stressful working and studying days, there's nothing happier on the weekend when the whole family goes to a place where the sea is blue and sunny. But even on busy days of the week, parents can also draw fish with their children, draw sea turtles ... extremely cute, simply with the following "secrets".

1. Drawing Whale 

The blue whale is the largest animal ever discovered on earth, larger than even a dinosaur. Although large, whales are generally gentle animals. It's normal to dive with whales, and many tourists enjoy watching over a small shirt.

The whales eat some of the smallest animals on earth - the tiny shrimp called express. These whales feed by opening their true eyes to let seawater into their mouths. Then, the whales will let the water out of the mouth, the rest are small fish and shrimp stuck.

Do you want to draw fish with your own? Right now, using the step-by-step guide. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. You may also want to use markers, paints, crayons, or crayons to color your finished drawing.

2. Draw Crab

Crabs are also omnivores and eat both plant and animal matter. They feed on different types of algae, worms, and even mollusks. The different food habits they have are mostly dependent on their environment and the kind of food they can get. For example, saltwater crabs feed on baby turtles and even carcasses of birds and other sea animals washed up on the shore. Therefore, parents can teach children to be aware from a young age in protecting the blue ocean - the home of a lovely crabs friend.

3. Draw starfish

The shape of the starfish is like the 5-pointed golden star on the country's flag, so the steps to draw starfish are also extremely easy to follow! Parents can refer to the following sample, or let the children create their own details such as the eyes and nose of the starfish to be more unique and vivid.

4. Drawing clown fish in the cartoon “Finding Nemo”

Let's draw together the clownfish Nemo in the famous animated movie of Pixar film studio. While drawing, if your child's details do not match the model, or create according to his or her liking, do not force your child to adjust the drawing to match the model. Painting is to encourage creativity and bring joy to children, right?

5. Draw Dolphins

Dolphins are close friends with humans, so while teaching children how to draw that friend, parents can read good stories about dolphins and tell them to their children. Listening to adults tell stories and practice retelling and composing more episodes, your child is gradually developing a lot of social skills.

6. Drawing sea turtles

Guide your child to learn how to draw cute sea turtles – Do you already know how to draw sea turtles? How to draw simply, using only oil pastels, the children already have a vivid picture!

Sea turtles (Chelonioidea) are a superfamily of marine reptiles in the order Turtles, inhabiting all oceans of the world except the Arctic. Do you want to draw a baby turtle by yourself? Let's learn to draw this cute sea turtle!

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