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Opulous price prediction is closely connected to the Music NFT market


In the traditional online music market, not only the monopoly of market giants is serious, but also online music works are easily pirated. Copyright revenues are low and rights protection costs are high. In this vicious circle, every participant in the online music market suffers greatly. The characteristics of blockchain such as "unforgeable", "full traces", "traceable", and "open and transparent" are considered to have a natural fit with music copyright protection. The two coincide, and the music NFT represented by Opulous has entered the field of public attention. Opulous price prediction is gradually comes out of stage.

Opulous is a platform that integrates NFT Launchpad (distribution), NFT Exchange (transaction) and DeFi loans for the music industry. Opulous's music NFTs are the first to be able to give you the ownership of a song, plus a share of the future revenue of the song. When our exchange is launched, you can trade NFTs and build a music portfolio at the same time. These songs can make money for you every time they are played in stores such as Spotify and Apple.

On February 1, 2021, Ditto, the acclaimed global music distributor and record service company, has so far processed more than $1 billion in royalties. The company announced that it will launch a groundbreaking end-to-end platform—— Opulous, to help music artists realize that they can increase access to financing without going through traditional institutions such as banks.

This is the first Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project that has been strongly supported by music as an asset class. Opulous will serve as a loan pool from which artists can borrow or contribute funds. For those artists who want to borrow, the loan is secured by the copyright they own and secured by their past streaming media income. At the same time, music artists and other investors will also be able to pay to the music copyright library of the Opulous platform to earn 10% of the annual revenue based on their contributions.

Opulous will use blockchain technology to connect investors with music artists who need loans, and inject new capital into an industry that is expected to double its revenue in the next 10 years. The smart contract will automatically pay premiums and interest monthly, and deliver profits directly to investors. It will also allow other parties to invest to obtain the widest possible support.

Opulous price prediction is based on real music assets with stable and predictable value. Opulous also combines the DeFi concept. Investors can put their encrypted assets on the platform to obtain high returns and enrich the platform's asset liquidity. Today, this music NFT that can change the fate of musicians is listed on the CoinW exchange, and 500USDT contract experience gold is given to deposit/transaction. With the growth of Opulous's future value, I believe its token OPUL will also perform well.

Opulous focuses on the music industry and has no direct competitors, only a few other projects occupy the same space. The NFT issued by Opulous is not only a collectible, but also a proof of income for obtaining copyright revenue. In addition, unlike most other blockchain projects, Opulous loans are always based on real music assets with stable and predictable value that are reviewed by the team. Thereby reducing the risk. So what is your own Opulous price prediction?


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