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Author: Tomasz Jedrowski the first book of 2022

Two young Polish men fell in love in the communist Poland, but the political gulf between them and the distorted society took them apart. In that world, there's no one with a happy ending.


· Some things cannot be erased through silence. Some people have that power over you, whether you like it or not. I begin to see that now. Some people, some events, make you lose your head. They’re like guillotines, cutting your life in two, the dead and the alive, the before and the after.

· All this time I’d meant to ask you whether you loved her. It was the one thing that I regretted not asking. I realize now that it never mattered. Because you were right when you said that people can’t always give us what we want from them; that you can’t ask them to love you the way you want. No one can be blamed for that. And the odds had been stacked against us from the start: we had no manual, no one to show us the way. Not one example of a happy couple made up of boys. How were we supposed to know what to do? Did we even believe that we deserved to get away with happiness?


第一本完整看完的英文小说 关键词:LGBT post-war 波兰 东欧 Protests





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