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Affiliate Marketer 15 Tips On How To Become Successful

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text el_id=”How to Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer” el_class=”align-center”]Easily can anyone become a successful affiliate marketer, or whatever they choose to be in readiness to take action? Yes, you can save the world! yeah you, a Hero, the reason someone smiles today.


That is how becoming a successful affiliate marketer can be, with little or no experience involved. That is simply by reading good content about who an affiliate marketer is, how to start, then the actionable follow-up!


Who Is an Affiliate Marketer?


So, what plays in our minds when we mention the term Affiliate?

Affiliation in a nontechnical definition is the official connection, association, or involvement with a brand, company, particular person, party, or large group, etc.

Therefore, Affiliate marketing is a commission-based type of income earned due to promoting or recommending others products to a consumer.

For clarity, please read the full article on Affiliate Marketing.


You will have to join an affiliate network to gain access to promote products in stock on their website. Also, one can become an affiliate by signing up on the individual merchant’s property or website as a retailer/reseller.


The Affiliate Marketing Network:


The Network serves as the intermediator between the merchant/vendor, and the Publisher also known as the affiliate. It is easier to find vendor products in a vast amount of their website data. The merchant announces his deals to the network companies website, which intends to recruit Publishers that are already visiting their network sites to search for product deals to promote.


It’s here, that the network and individual affiliates register to have access to promote products on that particular network website making it quite easier without the need for recruitment efforts by the vendors. Such network companies also take care of the payments or Commissions as it is termed, technical issues, and provide a dedicated affiliate manager to answer all the questions an affiliate might have. 


summary: It is the network, that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from, and, also takes care of the payments. The best part is, these networks turn to education and provide easy resources on selling the advertisers'(vendors) products they have on their website.


How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer:

A Super Affiliate


An affiliate is termed super when they are in awe of the internet marketing arena and top other affiliates in every aspect.

This type of publisher is known personally by the advertisers due to his higher conversion rate. They even tend to negotiate a custom commission percentage on products they are good at selling with the merchant sometimes.

The super affiliate knows all the pros and cons to succeed in Internet marketing that he can switch merchants if not excited about the percentage negotiated.


[bctt tweet=”Take note; it is always advisable to start with products you are most familiar with to make them easier to sell.” username=”amohericblog”]


An affiliate marketer can also recommend products he finds useful to other consumers and it’s already selling in the market if you don’t have a personal product at first to appeal to a targeted audience. By doing this, you are finding your space termed “niche“, then you build a website around that space with evergreen content displaying your knowledge of that particular product.


Potential Affiliate Networks


Some potential affiliate networks you can look up to find products in your space include but not limited are; to Triple-Clicks, Commission-Junction, Click-bank, affiliate-zone,

more-niche, Share-A-Sale, Walmart, Amazon, review-master, Countrywide, LowerMyBills.com, Foreign Credit Card Companies, Chase Manhattan Bank.


Individuals can also join an e-commerce site like Shopify, Esty, big commence, stack commences, or promote individual affiliate programs like Five minutes reviews.

Remember, the internet is a vast world, and new things coming up every day, this list doesn’t end here.

Google search the word affiliate or {product name + affiliate program/referral} to find more results. You can also search for top trending products in your niche at offer-vault at the time of writing this article.


 7 Reasons to Become an Affiliate


      • Time Flexibility


Unlike the 9-5 hours traditional way of working, with affiliate marketing, you decide on your own pace and a convenient time to work.

You essentially become your boss or can work part-time for extra income. Remember, your input will determine your output.


      • No Customer Support


Affiliate marketers act as just the link between Vendors and Consumers, the publisher’s main job is to entice a potential customer to click on the vendor’s link he is promoting. Therefore, it’s hard to deal with a customer’s complaint or questions directly.

Since the main sales and purchases are handled by the Vendor who intends to have sales and support teams already on the network’s website ready to support consumers to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.


      • No Product Creations


We don’t need to create a product or service before we can make money. The product research, product advancement, and marketing aids have been professionally done for you.

The only thing you will have to do is implement or create a successful marketing strategy to promote other products. A publisher can also promote more than one affiliate program/product and create multiple cashflows of affiliate income.


      • Work from home


I don’t believe anybody will reject the drop of honey on their lips. I like the idea of working with my laptop while lying in the comfort of my bed making coffee, staying together with the family, with no deadlines or commands, and yet counting affiliated earn money.


      • No product Shipment


An affiliate marketer does not carry the concerns of shipments, as an affiliate, you have over 100,000 products to buy and sell from with drop shipping being taken care of for you by the Vendor. 

I call affiliate marketing a simple start-up to become an online Entrepreneur. Since it requires little or no investments to start. Affiliate marketers don’t pay for any product research yet get free advertising and marketing tools that could have cost thousands.


You can promote your affiliate products on your social media platforms even before you create your website. The affiliate also gets the opportunity to grow since free marketing training and tools are provided by the advertiser or the networks to learn, as to become a successful marketer for the advantage of both the publisher and the networks or company.


      • Passive or Residual Income


This is the income you earn even while you are away from your computer or sleeping. The Passive flow of income is a result of the hard work you did beforehand, the fruit of your labor.

Investing an initial amount of time into a campaign, writing engaging marketing content, and links to review products/services you have placed on your website can be utilized at any time.

While normal stores close, internet sales never cease. The time you may be sleeping will be morning or afternoon in another country, continuing the use of the internet.


10 Facts to Consider Before Joining Any Affiliate network


      • The type of payment method. (Pay-per-click and Pay-per-lead models are great for startups).


      • Should be transparent, have access to tracking, and be Free with no charge nor obligations to join.


      • The products are not to be sold to you before you can promote them.
    •  Also, there is a monthly payment with reasonable minimum payouts (more-niche pays bi-weekly or monthly)


      • Pays a good percentage on commissions and if possible,
    •  should be looking for a Lifetime commission, Two-tier commission, or Lifetime cookie.


      • The product or service is of High quality, remember to maintain your online reputation.


      • Ability to clone and link directly to the product on the merchant’s website,
    •  keep in mind there shouldn’t be more than three to four clicks to reach or make a purchase.


      • High-quality marketing aids and tools are available.
    •  Ex: banners, unique landing pages, dashboard, text ads


      • The quality resources to train and educate affiliates on how to promote products.


      • The advertiser has a good site up and running, that sells effectively all the time.


      • A dedicated affiliate manager, to discuss and support affiliate marketers on time.


Pro Tip: Please before joining any affiliate program, you should read carefully the Terms and Conditions thoroughly, to avoid been rejected or breaking any of their policies.


15 Tips to Make You a successful Affiliate Marketer This Year


  • Compare and review products


Consumers love it when they can be assisted in choosing or purchasing an item, they are not familiar with. By comparing products, you give them options and a hand to pick from your confident recommendations.

Affiliate marketers comparing more than one product, not only help their audience but also have the advantage of placing more than one affiliate link on their website to be chosen from.

And most importantly, you should be helping rather than trying to sell.


  • Disclose your usage of affiliate links on your website


Provide a page or link disclosing your affiliations always. The new FTC guidelines make it mandatory hence, affiliates to disclose their use of affiliate links to their audience.

Again, ceased making false claims about the money you haven’t earn, especially with the Make Money Online business model.

Don’t try to take advantage of your audience, it might not look natural and they will never return to your site again. Simply stay honest and open.


  • Treat your affiliate business with respect


Besides, it’s your own business, like waking up with an alarm to shower for work every day. Since the affiliate business model gives you flexibility, it’s tempting to slouch easily.

Make the product you’re promoting seem as if it was your own, again, the effort you put in will determine your outcome.


  • Promote products you would buy yourself


Promoting the right products not only saves your credibility online for a long, with recurring customers. It also saves you a stack of revenue and time, preventing void or returning of products, hence, you won’t be reversing a Payout previously earned for a sale.


  • Get Traffic, promote your site


Learn about search engine optimization, SEO for short. As an affiliate, you should have a general idea of what SEO techniques are, this will help you in the long run, to focus on both titles and keyword targeting.

Place phrases that may be searched for in your headlines and content, this will increase your organic search and save you tons of money from advertising only to get traffic to your site. Yet depending solely on SEO for your traffic is not the only choice, promote your site, use a pay-per-click advertisement, email campaigns, and social media ads.


Be mindful, never try to cut corners with any Black-Hat SEO shady deals, if someone promises to do magic for your website to appear on the first page of Google in the short run. Your site will get penalized and banned by Google.


  • Don’t forget to Grow an email list


Often you will hear the web starts mentioning that the money is on the list.

Yes, if you have your email list, it’s easy to send them your promotional products.

Get them back to your site anytime you have a new post, and send them a thank you message after an action is taken or a purchase is made from your site.

Using Emails can retain customers back to your site/new site, even when you get penalized by Google or the affiliate network for breaking any of their policies.


  • Do market research


It is very important to know the kind of person you are writing for or selling to. In internet marketing, we do create a figure termed persona with the mind’s eye.

When you imagined a persona bringing them to the room you are creating your web content, it makes your audience feel how directly you are engaging with them.

While some have proven this system as abnormal, it has helped to analyze given the facts as to how, who, the age, gender, family, and the preferences of our potential customers could be.


Do product research on the market instead of promoting anything that will sit on your webpage without any purchase or low percentages.

It is advisable to use tools like SEMrush, Google trends, and similar web to do a topic or market research to figure out what is trending or has the most shares and positive reviews.


  • Be Present and Friendliness


Establish a rapport with your audience, and know their needs and desires to understand what they expect from your site. Be present when you are needed for some ideas if possible, and create a live chatbot on your website.

Don’t forget to become friends with the merchants if you join directly from their website, let them know you and know them too by doing this you create a path for yourself to customize your percentage in the nearer future.


“For example, you could also feature that person in an interview or podcast on your blog (like Pat-Flynn did with Nathan Barry, the CEO and Founder of Convert-Kit, and also with Clay Collins, the Co-Founder of Lead-pages), which will help your audience learn more about the product. Author – Pat Flynn in His SPI Affiliate Book”


And If you join via the network you will meet your affiliate manager, don’t be shy to introduce yourself. He can help you choose from the best products and also those that have a higher commission rate.


  • Affiliate Network Associations


Choose your affiliate networks thoughtfully and products within your niche.

A/B test and try to find out which ones has higher conversions, then you can edit and remove the non-active links from the page.

Target recurring revenue or residual income programs as that is the money that adds to your account even while you sleep. Go for an advertiser offering a long-term cookie period.


  • Create a resource page


Have a dedicated page where you have confidently listed all reviewed and well-researched products, marketing aid tools, helpful tips, books, checklists, recommendations, and anything that makes your audience’s life easier or very useful to them.


Creating a resource page not only makes navigation on your site easy but is also another powerful revenue-generating source since all your favorite or helpful links are there to be utilized by your audience. And when a link is utilized depending on the type of payment model that link is, you earn commission after the result.


  • Sorry No Gets Rich Overnight


Honestly, there is no shortcut to success. Most new or some affiliate marketers seek a get rich overnight or get a rich quick scheme that doesn’t exist. Though an affiliate marketer can start earning huge from the minute, hour, days, or months of placing an affiliate link.


But there is no guarantee a consumer might utilize the link unless you implement a good marketing strategy. Some affiliates even believe they just sign up with affiliate networks and do nothing expecting money to fall on their laps, No! Lack of patience also costs most affiliate marketers to quiet even before the start, set up your website for the long-term goals build great content around your products, and by the time you should see a good result.


  • Fill your site with easy-to-read and Evergreen content


Create rich and well-research content that is easy to read and understand. The content you create should be helpful and educative besides, ask yourself why you want somebody to read and share your post. Adding audio and video content to your blog is a plus advantage to being recognized by search engines.

Take your time to proofread, edit, and correct any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as this will make your site look cheap and increase your site’s bounce rate, which nobody wants.


  • Never Ceased Learning


Growth continues only along the path of learning, with the internet coming up with new stuff every day, it will be hard to develop if not following the trend. Eventually, you will lose your authority in that niche if you stay outdated.


As an internet marketer, acquiring new skills put you ahead of the game, creating a path to educate your audience on trending issues. Remember, it matters, even if you know just one thing ahead of the topic, only that, you can’t give what you don’t have.


  • Build a mobile-friendly website


Do not forget about the mobile users either, google research found mobile users are more common nowadays than on any other device.

With people browsing from their phones and tablet, your website must work seamlessly across all devices.

Visit Google Console to verify if your site is mobile-friendly and the site speed is accurate, you should determine to score at least 80%.


  • Track and Analyze


Knowing your audience’s geography, age, what they do when they visit your site, the type of affiliate link utilized, if they are completing the goals, you want them to, your traffic spike, and downs.

Tracking your website’s performance equips you, pointing out what needs to be changed or improved. And can easily uproot any query, if tracking software like Google Analytics is installed on your site.




Through this guide, we have realized a lot of ideas one can follow to start an online business, such as an Affiliate Marketer. Please, don’t hesitate to share, like, or leave a comment below, if you have any questions or suggestions, Thank You…


“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

Napoleon Hill


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