喜用文字表達,卻疏懶提筆 百足多爪,無一鋒利 人生種種弔詭,卻是世道常態 唯以基督信仰觀世,活出在地若天之道

SF RES Land (Chihuahua Validator) February Report

February report. Briefly describe what happened to SF RES Land in Feb and report about the use of commission.

SF RES Land bonded as a validator on block height 429,477(2022-01-12 UTC16:25:15). There were many new validators joined afterward and competition is tough. At height 577375(2022-01-23 00:44:00), SF RES Land left the active validators list. At 30/1, with the help of Kingnodes, SF RES Land returned to active validator list.

Commission was withdrew on 1st Feb


Withdrawal time:1/2/2022 HKT1351
HASH: 249FDBCB5A6BF84580C1C5E2834B5CB876698DAEEEAE225540DC3BA0429F02E8
FIAT value of 80% commission:25.58915221USD

At Block Height788418

Total delegation:5,205,153.066171

Thanks for your support!

As promised, SF RES Land has donated HKD 500 (because 80% of commission was less then HKD 500) to MANNA 。 嗎哪

Donation proof:

As they are facing great challenge now, February donation will still go to them. At the mean time, I will look for new partners. Hope we can narrow the digital divide together!

Welcome to delegate to SF RES Land.


How to delegate to SF RES Land

1) -->Delegate,-->SF RES Land

2) use Cosmostation app --> Delegate --> SF RES Land


Welcome to use the useless meme coin with me in a meaningful way!

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Validating for narrowing digital divide --- Chihuahua Validator SF RES Land introduction.

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