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You can effortlessly pack articles published on Medium to Matters in just 3 steps.
從今天開始,只要三個步驟,就可以將你在 Medium 的作品輕鬆搬到 Matters。

Three steps, migrate now


Register or login to your Matters account,
open your personal creative space.

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2.Prepare documents

Go to Medium setting page to download documents,
and locate HTML files under "posts" directory.

Dowload documents

3.Import works

Choose and upload the works you want to migrate,
and it will appear in your draft box.

After migration, you will be able to access the following features

  • Permanent storage of your works

    After publishing, your work will be uploaded on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), stored permenently and not able to be deleted and tampered. You can use any IPFS node to access and distribute your works.

  • Constant passive income

    After publishing on Matters, readers can donate to your works with LikeCoin or fiat currency. As long as you do not archive your work, it will continuesly acquire donation.

    Learn more about LikeCoin →

  • High quality reader feedback

    Matters users come from mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and around the world, forming the highest quality and most diverse Chinese writing community.

    See examples here →

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