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Daily#217 Elephant Remains

alstonhuang 12,000-year-old elephant remains discovered in Chile 智利發現12000年前大象遺骸 チリで12,000年前のゾウの化石が発見される

Daily#212 Germany Is Open

alstonhuang Germany says it's open to accepting Russians who want to flee their country 德國表示願意接受想要逃離本國的俄羅斯人 ドイ...

Daily#211 Long Lines

alstonhuang Long lines of traffic seen at some of Russia's land borders 在俄羅斯的一些陸地邊界看到長長的交通線 ロシアの国境の一部で見られる長蛇の列

Daily#210 Millionares

alstonhuang Daily#210 Millionares America gained 2.5 million new millionaires last year 美國去年增加了 250 萬新的百萬富翁 ア...

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Daily#209 Farewell To The Queen

alstonhuang Britain bids farewell to Queen Elizabeth with an outpouring of emotion 英國情緒激動地告別伊麗莎白女王 英国はエリザベス女王に別れを告げ、感情をあふれさせた

Daily#197 Shutting Down Nuclear Power Plant

alstonhuang Ukraine is considering shutting down Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant 烏克蘭正在考慮關閉扎波羅熱核電站 ウクライナはザポリージャ原子力発電所の閉鎖を検討している

Daily#208 Power Plant On Fire

alstonhuang Russian shelling leaves Donetsk region power plant on fire, Ukrainian military official says 烏克蘭軍方...

Doc#7 20220918 Earthquake

alstonhuang 我家的燈因為地震互撞破了 My lamp in Living room are broken due to the 6.8 earthquake in 2022/09/18

Daily#206 US Help Taiwan

alstonhuang Senate panel advances bill to bolster US security assistance to Taiwan 參議院小組通過法案以加強美國對台灣的安全援助 上院...

Daily#205 Military Advance

alstonhuang Ukraine military says Russians are still trying to advance in Donetsk region 烏克蘭軍方稱俄羅斯人仍在試圖在頓涅茨克地區...

Daily#204 Rocket Launcher

alstonhuang Germany supplies additional rocket launchers and equipment to Ukraine 德國向烏克蘭提供額外的火箭發射器和設備 ドイツは追加のロケット発射装置と装備をウクライナに供給

Daily#203 Royal Dinner

alstonhuang Royals had dinner together at Buckingham Palace 皇室成員在白金漢宮共進晚餐 ロイヤルズはバッキンガム宮殿で一緒に夕食をとりました

Daily#202 King Charles

alstonhuang Our family felt your sorrows, King Charles tells Northern Ireland 查爾斯國王告訴北愛爾蘭,我們的家人感受到了你的悲傷 私たちの家...

Daily#201 Memories Queen

alstonhuang King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew walk behind the hearse carrying the coffin of Queen E...

Daily#200 Broken Tank

alstonhuang Ukrainian official says Russian troops' "main artery" through Kharkiv region is severed 烏克蘭官員稱俄軍通過哈爾...

Event#9 Mid Autumn Festival

alstonhuang Happy Moon Festival Wish you were peace and joyful anytime

Daily#176 Rocket Strike

alstonhuang Death toll in Russian rocket strike on apartment building in Kharkiv rises to 12 俄羅斯對哈爾科夫公寓樓的火箭襲擊造...

Daily#172 Mega Fire

alstonhuang 'We are waiting for rain, for winter, for God' - Fighting a megafire in France “我們在等待下雨,等待冬天,等待上帝”—...

Daily#171 Stage Collapse

alstonhuang Medusa festival: One killed as strong winds cause stage collapse in Spain 美杜莎節:西班牙強風導致舞台倒塌,一人喪生 メ...

Daily#169 Monster Wildfire

alstonhuang More than 1,000 firefighters are battling a "monster" wildfire in south-western France that has al...

Daily#168 Explosions

alstonhuang Number of injured rises after explosions at Russian air base in Crimea 俄羅斯克里米亞空軍基地爆炸後受傷人數上升 クリミアのロシア空軍基地での爆発後の負傷者数の増加

Daily#167 Heavy Rain

alstonhuang Record rainfall kills at least 8 in Seoul as water floods buildings, submerges cars 創紀錄的降雨在首爾造成至少8...

Daily#166 Garin Shopping

alstonhuang Ukraine predicts shipping 3 to 5 million tonnes of grain per month if current agreement holds 如果目前的...

Daily#163 Strikes In Gaza

alstonhuang The Israeli military launched strikes on targets in Gaza on Friday 以色列軍方周五對加沙地帶的目標發動襲擊 イスラエル軍は金曜日にガザの標的に攻撃を開始した

Event#8 Chinese Valentine's Day

alstonhuang Chinese Valentine's Day May all lovers last forever

Daily#162 Ballistic Missiles

alstonhuang China launched 11 ballistic missiles into waters around Taiwan's north-east and south-west coasts ...

Daily#161 Volcano

alstonhuang Tonga eruption blasted enough water to fill 58,000 Olympic pools into the Earth's atmosphere 湯加火山噴...

Daily#160 Nancy Pelosi

alstonhuang Tensions spike ahead of Pelosi's expected visit 在佩洛西的預期訪問之前緊張局勢加劇 ペロシの予想される訪問に先立って緊張が高まる

Daily#158 Wildfires

alstonhuang Wildfires in the EU have nearly quadrupled the 15-year average 歐盟的野火幾乎是 15 年平均水平的四倍 EU の山火事は 15 年間の平均のほぼ 4 倍に

Daily#157 Fireworks

alstonhuang The Dadaocheng Valentine's Day Fireworks Show is held every year on Qixi Valentine's Day, attractin...