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How To Make An App Like TikTok: All-in-One Development Guide [2022]

Inna Martirosyan

tiktok app development

Custom eLearning Development: All-in-One Business & Tech Guide [2022]

Inna Martirosyan

When the COVID-19 first struck, more than a billion students were cut from traditional education. The sector’s readiness to adapt made it possible to continue education from anywhere in the world.

IT Outsourcing: How to Choose the Right Partner?

Inna Martirosyan

WHAT IS IT OUTSOURCING? IT outsourcing is the business practice of engaging external providers to handle tasks related to information technology, such as software development, app development,support.

Clutch Recognizes Top App Developers for 2021

Inna Martirosyan

Clutch Recognizes Addevice Among Armenia’s Top App Developers for 2021

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PMI-PBA 商業分析證照考取


✦ 考試日期:2020/11/21 15:15 ✦ 考試方式:線上在家考試 Person VUE ✦ 準備方式:線上課程,自修 ✦ 準備期間:約四個月 先奉上成績單 ~PBA Exam Report 從頭開始講起吧,2020年三月中旬開始菲律賓就實施封城,而我也開始在家工作。

你們 code review 了嗎?


工作上進行 code review 好一陣子了,這也算是我第一份有全程進行 code reivew 的工作。經過這段時間,深刻感受到導入 code review 後,對技術能力的提升或是團隊氣氛的養成都有相當大的幫助。我們目前的流程是利用 Github 的 Pull Re...