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Guide|How to connect wallet and use USDT support function on mobile phone

We recommend using the MetaMask App as an entry to operate the following steps. The process is very smooth. We strongly recommend that you try it out~

Matters.News has launched the USDT payment function. In this guide, I will teach you how to use the desktop to bind the wallet . If you want to know how to pay, you can also read this payment guide . And now more and more users use their mobile phones to operate Matters.News, this guide will teach you how to connect the Ethereum wallet on the mobile phone and send your USDT support.

Special reminder, due to the current limitations of iOS and Android mobile phone systems, if you want to open the Matters page in a browser (such as Safari) and interact with the wallet directly, you may encounter an abnormal jump to the app. In order to avoid the above problems, we recommend using the wallet app as an entry to operate the following steps, the process is very smooth, and we strongly recommend everyone to try it out🥰

How to bind wallet on mobile phone

Take MetaMask as an example:

First download the MetaMask App and open it on your phone, log in to your wallet. Then follow these steps:

After completing the above steps, binding the wallet is complete!

How to pay with USDT on your mobile phone

Open Matters.News in MetaMask's browser, select the article you want to support, and follow the steps below:

Once you press OK, the support is done!

If you want to confirm the success of the support, there are two ways:

1. When the pen support is completed, a pop-up window will pop up (left image)
2. View on MetaMask's "Activity" page (right picture)

If you have any questions about the operation, please write to [email protected]

If you want to learn more, you can also refer to Matt Citizen Denken and read the article written by Bi Geng:
Denken: Play with the Web 3 features of Matt City with the MetaMask Little Fox Wallet for Mobile
Read pen farming: How to use USDT to support Matters creators "on a mobile phone"?

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